27 Nov 2012

Storm warning

Right, so... There isn't a storm warning, which is a bit of a shame because I'm waiting for snow to appear (and not the ice that I slip over on the sidewalk). Anyway, how is everyone going? Checked out Mum's post about a SunshineShelle sale?
So here's a story!

Storm - Wolf
    Faced with his current situation, Wolf recalled the storms that he had weathered to get there.
His first storm tossed the sea over his mountain home, killed many and destroyed everyone's lives. But it gave the survivors a purpose in life. United by the storm that destroyed, the survivors strived to protect what was left with everything that they had.
The second storm was a different kind of storm. Although there was no wind or rain, the sky had darkened and the light from the sun turned a deep purple. No wind or rain, but Wolf's instincts told him something was terribly wrong. The storm's true purpose was to disguise the being that took him from the place where he belonged, and threw him into a twisted game of survival.

The third storm took what seemed like years to form. For this storm to build, another group of desperate, but capable survivors banded together. Wolf had joined them in the hope that the leader had somehow inspired. Once the storm they created had picked up speed, there was no way to stop it. The world that held them prisoner showed signs that it wasn't real, and with a final push, the survivors freed themselves and others trapped in that distorted fantasy. However they soon found themselves in the middle of another storm.
Wolf had hid himself to observe the battle that raged around him, his keen senses on overload. He could smell the fear of those who were strangers to battle and tuned them out as they tried to flee. Instead he watched the ones braving the endless wave of faceless enemies. The woman that had pulled together the ragtag survivors was covering the cowards who fled, while a man was brutally slicing enemies that came from the other side. Another four of the survivors were boxed in and struggling against the mass that threatened to overcome them. Arrows and bullets from unseen snipers tore through enemies, but it another faceless monster took the fallen one's place. Wolf could smell the others fighting, but they were surrounded by too many enemies to see. Then the clouds churned and the light darkened. A low growl came from Wolf as he recognised the disguise that started the chaos. The battle hadn't stopped even with the new arrival, and Wolf's instinct kicked in as he stepped out from his observation spot. If the small resistance wanted to make it through the storm they found themselves in, they'd need all its members to take part.
With a clear leap into the fray, Wolf entered another storm. 
One he hoped to come out of.

And that all for today! Hope you all have a fantastic day (or night) wherever you are!


  1. Memmy another winner... I think I will paint Storm, love his name, love his courage!

  2. I think it would be great to see your mom paint Storm ;o) I agree with your mom, another winner ;o)


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