4 Aug 2012

Hello! And some art

Hi everyone! I'm sure some of you noticed, but if you haven't I'm telling you anyway, that I have taken back some posts with my stories on them. Long story short, I got some fantastic feedback, and I'm trying my best to fix it. I always have a problem with perspective (which is why I really like drawing manga, 'cause I don't have to worry about that!) and no matter how many times I read through my stories and fix it, some slip through. The end result is that I get really embarrassed and ashamed (since I'm a bit of a perfectionist).

Anyway, last year, a friend did some amazing artwork for me (for those who want to see it Click here) and I have been stuck in a drawing rut for a bit. So I decided to use her character concept and change a few details and add colour.

To tell you the truth, besides stuck in a drawing rut, I really wanted to see if I could draw something other than a human. I am very proud of the girl's eyes and the gem on the beast's chest!

Looks silly doesn't it? Anyway, have a fantastic day everyone!


  1. Looks silly??? No way!! Looks awesome!

  2. Well, I know I've seen this art... like most days LOL, so cool your reworking of the original artwork, I love it, ALL of it but so happy you the Perfectionist are extra happy with the & gem :)

    By the way, don't be ashamed that something isn't 'perfect' when it is still in a working stage, it's the changes, feedback & rewrites that MAKE it closer to perfect & the best that story can be :) Couldn't be prouder of the work you do sweetheart, great talent that you keep improving every time you pick up a pen (or pencil) :)


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