30 Nov 2012

And now for something different.

Hello all!
So, no story for today. Sorry if you came by for that. Instead, here's a video of something I did today.

And to quote a favourite manga pyromaniac bad-guy girly-looking-man artist "Art is an EXPLOSION!" (Varies on what translation though).
Moving on - It was really fun! Since there's no outdoor ice-skating in Queensland (because it would become a swimming pool) I jumped at the chance to skate today.

Well, have a great day everyone!


  1. I so wish I was there Memphis, I would have dragged Margaret out with me LOL, we could have supported each other on the way around ;) Great fun, you look awesome & the fireworks are sensational!!!!!

  2. Great video Memphis!! Great to see you! Love the fireworks ;o)


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