14 Feb 2015

Please don't remind me...

I'm sure that people who have visited here know that I don't like Valentines day - or Ferris wheels (and by default the guy who made them) - and it all coincides today. Instead, Goodle has decided to tell that it is the Cricket World Cup today, so I have mixed feelings ('cause I don't like that either).

Anyway! I have been in a bit of a bad mental spot recently and nothing was really working, which resulted in this...

You see? This is what happens when I get left alone with nothing to do! I find the chalk and draw on the driveway - which solves the 'nothing to do' problem.
It has been long established in my family that some people are born a cynic - I am one of those people. I'm also the child of a guy who got a degree in philosophy. This probably doesn't count as a face for the 29 Faces Challenge, so I won't make it one.

Continuing through the week, my mood got worse around the Tuesday-Wednesday mark which resulted in these faces...

Day 7

A rough sketch - but I liked it (considering what a bad mood I was in when I did it)
Day 8 and 9
So I decided I was going to make a small series about wishes - something like a before/after thing with some stand-alone wishes in between (does that make sense?)

And on Thursday... I felt better and there were three reasons for that - 1) I wrote five sentences that made me smile - 2) I found an old game that I used to play, which made me draw one of the characters from that game

Yue - the merchant from Rune Factory 2. I really like the art style from the Rune Factory games and you can see the shift from game to game, but its still cool
Day 10
And reason number 3) I bought the lastest game in the series! I can finally play as a female!!! YAY!

I read an article once about someone who justified the lack of female player characters in games by 'guys don't want to play as girls - in case there is romance in the story and have to kiss a guy'. And I was kinda ticked off, because I have been playing males in games for years - YEARS. I have played as guys who kiss females, does the same logic not apply? (Well, maybe not to me 'cause close my eyes and then open them after a good 5 minutes). The person who wrote that article pointed out that flaw. And once when I was talking to Owen about a game called Mass Effect (which he started way before me and still hasn't finished) the following happened;
"Did you play as male Shep, 'cause default Shep is best Shep." - Owen
"No. I played as female, because I'm a female and liked the option." - Me
"... Fair enough." - Owen
Which then lead to a different conversation about how I regretted being nice to characters, because I accidently romanced one of them - which sucked.

So the fact I can now play as a female in the Rune factory series (without being a second generation kid) is great for me. Anyway, I was playing the game when something happened...

Only counts as one face, because I cheated and copy/pasted
Day 11

Mitch would know. He would understand.


One line of spoken dialogue and I heard a bit of a character from an anime I watched. So I did a quick search and confirmed my guess - there are other spoken lines from the game that sound nothing like Tamaki, except for when the character in the game is excited.


Where was I? Sorry, I got sidetracked looking at pictures and now my desktop is overflowing with them... Uh... I need to clean it up now.

So Days 7-11: Mission Accomplished! The mission being to get back into the mood of doing creative things.

Now if you excuse me... I have a dungeon to sweep (and some pizza to eat)! Hehe.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I love them all ;o) The wish one is very special ;o) I hope you are feeling better ;o) We all go through bad mental spots! Hugs ;o)

  2. Wow Memmy, loved finding this gem amongst your old posts, love that cutie Yue you drew from the Rune game, and frankly the whole array of characters here, nice insight into your mood and pleased it improved over the week, also YES so many female gamers, we should not have to play as a male unless WE choose too 😉


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