4 Sep 2015

Another Colour Palette and 29 Faces Challenge

Hi everyone? How are you going this Friday?

I am a face behind, but by tonight I will be up-to-date with 29 Faces. For this face, I asked Mitch to contribute, as in choose a palette for me to use. He choose a different one initally (one that was prodominantly pink) but he changed his mind when he remembered that I had already done a pink dude (which I sent to Mum and got a 'hubba-hubba' in response).

Anyway, here is the face for Day 3!

Here is most of the picture (sans a hand and both feet). Geez I suck at anatomy.

And a close up.
Day 3: Done!

I was just messing around with brushstrokes for the background because I thought I needed some other colour than a plain white. I kinda like having noise or music around me when I do art, so while I was doing this I had an old show I used to watch playing in the background - Samurai Jack. I used to love it, and still do. Makes me feel old though since it was released in 2001 and ran for 3 years. If you want a neat animation with little dialogue, I would recommend it.

Anyway, I better find something to eat before my stomatch decides to make noises at weird times again.

Many thanks for dropping by!


Dammit I just saw a mistake on the face! Oh well, maybe I'll fix it later.


  1. OK, I thought you were going to mention Johnny Bravo, around same time, US Samuri Jack :) sorta :) Well I love the expression on the face, & the colour palette is inspired, really, I gotta get me some of that... now go eat dinner :)

  2. Well, the one hand you made is awesome! lol
    Nice illustration!


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