1 Feb 2015

Restart the clock!


It's been so long since I have done a post. So... Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Pinch-and-a-Punch-for-the-first-of-the-Month (no backsies by the way)!

And the main reason I am doing one is to get back into the habit of painting/drawing and writing (hopefully). So I noticed AyalaArt is doing another 29 faces challenge, and so I asked Mum if she would do it - Because there is nothing quite like peer-pressuring your mother into doing art.

Mum was doing art, but Trinity is starting her film college tomorrow in Brisbane (which is exciting for all of us) and so Mum was checking in on her.

And so, here is the first face of the new 29 Faces round!

Done with photoshop, this is an early design for a character whose name I do not know. GAH! I just realised there is a shadow missing on her left arm!

Be sure to go and visit other people in the challenge. You might learn a new technique or find a favourite artist, more people join everyday!

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Why You told that missing shadow, I did'nt notice it :-D
    Very well done, I am very bad with these brograms, only pen or brusch is for me.

  2. fun to see your character, love the outfit.
    challenges like these can be great to get us creating. how fun that your mum might be joining in.

  3. Memmy that you for coercing me back into posting/drawing... looking forward to doing 29 Faces with you & meeting other artists who join in too :) I really love your first face, I think the hair, detail & even 'the look' she is giving makes me want to know more about 'what's the story behind this face', great way to kick off!!!

  4. So nice to see you in the challenge again! and I am thrilled you peer pressured your mom hahahaha I visited her blog already, beautiful stuff... both of you!
    And now I will wait till I see any movies from AU wiht yet one more artist in the family! :oD hugs!

  5. Hooray for getting back into art! Neat digital character!

  6. I love it! She is awesome. Great job.:)

  7. Lovely work! She looks like a great character!

  8. Awesome character! Keep up the good work!


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