5 Sep 2015

29 Faces - Days 4 and 5

Ok, I'm justing going to post these here - 'cause it's almost midnight and it's Fathers Day tomorrow and I still haven't been very productive on the studying agenda and it didn't help that I was watching a bunch of comedy news shows just a moment ago.

Days 4 and 5

I need to get better at drawing facial expressions, good thing this challenge is about faces huh?

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

Edit: Ok, I have fixed the dates now!


  1. ooops! I think your mom will read this lol :oD
    I like the energy here, with the colors and shapes... and the expressions are good too!
    Have a good father's day! (Here in the US, it is in June)

  2. The colors in number three were cool, limited palettes are just great.

    And the colors of 4&5 enchant me, I love surprising color choices. Well done.

    Have a good Father's day. Here in Finland it's in November.

  3. OK love learning that Fathers Day is so different in the different time zones AND so impressed with these faces and the limited palette... so want to try that in one on my 29 faces! YES I did read about the study time spent doing unproductive things Martha!!!! Well, guess it's good to do things just for fun sometimes... SOMETIMES that is Memmy ;)


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