25 Sep 2015

Face 23 (and 23.5)

So, I was going to do things the Scottish way and count an animal's face as a face, but then Mum called and she was "Actually, AyalaArt has thought about that", and so the wolf face I drew became invalid. But I still kept it because after the amount of work I put into it I was not going to rub it out (also the space above was too much for me to handle).

Day 23 - Tala (or Yuri) from Beyblades (and Wolborg his bitbeast in the background). One of the "bad guys" that I actually like (probably because I found him cool, vicious and mean, but cool)
Ah Beyblades, the first manga that I ever read. They used to sell them at the Newsagents and I'm sure I bought most of them (although I have no doubt in my mind that Dad is responsible for the missing volumes). So despite it (to many people) being bad and stupid, it has a fond place in my memories and I will one day complete the manga series of it. Hopefully with the good quality paper and none of that crappy one that ink spreads all over and the pictures are half cut off (Believe me, I have seen it).

Oh! Day 23: Mission accomplished!

Anyway, I need something to eat, to do more essay writing, and the Cowboy Bebob movie is on later tonight - so I know what two I am going to pick - and that means a hopefully relaxed Friday night watching the movie and playing on the DS with Mitch, only to panic in the morning and later in the week. Yay.

Well, have a good day everyone!


  1. I've been catching up your faces, it's cool to see something different, I love cartoons and the world of manga and anime is familiar to me through my adult children, who have been into the genre for ten years or so. Enthusiastic fans, and actually the elder one is now in university of Kioto!

  2. One day you will have people drawing YOUR characters, but in the meantime like this homage to Beyblade ;)

  3. Aww.... the reason about the animals is because there are some artists that make realistic animals and they were only doing that... and although they were beautiful, where was the challenge? lol
    An animal every once in a while is fine ;)
    Oh, I remember those bayblades... so many accidents with the toys in this household :oP lol


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