28 Feb 2015

Faces! Faces for everyone!

Ok, so I may not have spent the whole day doing what I was meant to do (which was drawing and writing) - but I did half of what I intended. Drawing.

Anyway, how many faces behind am I? Ok - it's the 28th in Australia, 27th on the other side of the world, and I have done up to day 18.

Oh boy.

So first off today I decided to play around with an application called Alchemy (Click here if you want to try it out - it's free and pretty neat!) and tried to make some faces that way. Here is the result

And I am totally counting this as two faces. You can see where they roughly came from too.
Calling them Monster Royalty. When I use the Alchemy program, it is mostly to make tribal inspired patterns to use for a project (because I suck at designing things).

The sketchbook got a little roughed up from the trip back home - or maybe when I tripped over the bag it was in during the middle of the night.
So the three above are just random sketchs, but two of them look like two already developed characters (or possibly their children). Either way, totally happy with how they turned out! And remember - this isn't the 29 Hands challenge. It's 29 Faces.

Here are some close-ups

Face 21
Face 22
Face 23

Huh? I'm getting somewhat better with the second eye and eyebrows. Sweet!

Also, did you know that I play the clarinet? I mean, I do play it pretty badly, and the instrument is in dire need of a good service. But I can play music.

Anyway - it has taken a few years, but I finally found my clarinet! Dad hid it a while ago and I have been searching for it for a long time. I first got it in grade 3 if I remember correctly - so I have had it for around 12 years. It's been a bit battered up, but each small dent and fix has a story behind it. Maybe I'll write a post later about my musical abilities (or lack thereof).

But, because I found it recently, I decided to draw a picture of a clarinetist (yes - that is the term used. Well, that or clarinet player).

I do have a colour version, but I decided to make it black and white just because I can!
24 faces are completed. 5 to go.


I can do this!

And now I have an idea or two to reach that goal... Fantastic!

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Good for you that you found your clarinet! I like that drawing of her playing that instrument.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Haha, it's not 29 hands LOL! Love them all, the fresh quick sketches & the girl with the clarinet is superb, love her sweet face (and tartan pants), and so pleased you are making music with your long lost clarinet too, you sure are multi talented!!!

  4. For some reason my last comment posted twice(?) OHH BTW I have downloaded that Alchemy app, see if I can do anything with it ;)

  5. Clarinet! Cool! These faces are all excellent! Monster Royalty, very, very cool!


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