24 Sep 2015

Days 21 and 22 for the 29 Faces

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post for some faces that I have done over the past two days, because I really need to get into writing the essays I have to do.

I initally sketched the two faces in one of my lecture notebooks and I like them enough to transfer them over to the computer.

Face 21 - I am really proud of the hair on this one.
 And a full body picture!
No shading. Mostly because I am lazy.

Face 22 - Unfinished overall, but still a face and that counts! Shame I had to cut out the battle axe, I really liked it.

Days 21 and 22: Done! Now only two days behind!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. Oh Memphis, these are utterly fantastic, like these faces are from another realm or alternate dimension, again the colour combos always interesting I must start to try a few myself rather than stick with the usual suspects, great work!


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