3 Feb 2015

The Immigration Officers of Here


I am already behind in the challenge! And I do solomly vow that I will visit most of the people in the challenge. Probably on weekends mostly though.

Anyway, so here's something - I'm in the Writer's Club at Uni, who are putting together an anthology of short stories which I am contributing to. I have a signed contract and everything (the writers are nice, but overly cautious and funny which may be why I like them). So I recently finished my full first draft, and since I am two days behind, decided to draw my two characters that feature in the short stories.

So here are two quick sketchs that were done while watching Castle and Vikings.

Day 2
Olesia is a big alien that handles the Immigrations Office. A bit rough but she normally means well. She can't stand the smell of the hospital and is a good fighter.

Day 3

Suke is a different kind of alien and he eventually becomes Olesia's apprentice. He can't speak the common language properly, but he can understand it. Oh, and he can fly too.

So, days 2 and 3 are completed, as well as my draft. Whew! I feel much better - almost. Someone who created a show that I liked died the other day at 33 years old, so I'm a bit upset. I went to a panel of his when he was in Australia and he was a cool guy, so I feel sorry for his work-mates and family.

Well, I don't want to bum anyone out, so be sure to smile!!
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Really like your faces. Sometimes my best work is done while watching something. Good luck with your challenges!

  2. I like your faces and who these people are. Thanks.

  3. wonderful that not only are your writing but also drawing your characters. awesome to see.

  4. Oh wow. That is sad! Your work, however, is terrific!

  5. I like both of these... and don't worry, I'm usually behind in the challenges as well :)

  6. Love the stories behind your characters! So sorry to hear about your acquaintance, 33 is so young ...

  7. Very sad about the RWBY creator, such a lovely & talented person, all who knew & met him had only good things to say.
    I think the 2 alien faces here are FANTASTIC, nice back story too, actually, I will be doing one (after I read your story) as part of my 29 Faces if OK with you, love them!!!


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