19 Feb 2015

Just a quick face


Dungeons take forever to clean up. And work takes up lots of time.

And then there is a worrying situation with Trin.

Oh. And a Category 2/3 cyclone is heading this way. I actually really really like the rain, the sound of it on the roof, the bright green leaves after it passes...

I don't like hearing zombies from the front room - Mum and Dad are watching the Walking Dead and it must be a pretty intense scene, but the rain is drowning out most of the sound, so yay!

Anyway, here is a quick face that I drew up a little while ago (and I do mean a little while ago, like an hour or so)

A character for a table-top game that I will be playing on the weekend. In chibi form.
Because sometimes you need a chibi in life
So... Day 12: Done!

How many days behind am I? Oh well, at least not as far behind as Mum, and I do nag at her to do some art.

Hehe, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Cute chibi character! I am also behind, but we can make it. :)

  2. Very very cool!!! Big Hugs and keep nagging mom! LOL!


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