6 Sep 2015

Day 6 - "That's Never Okay" or shock expression

Ok, like I said before, I am practicing different expressions. Naturally, they look stiff or off (because the mirror is behind me and I can't exactly pull faces), but hopefully it looks okay.

My friend Mitch is watching a Let's Play (which is watching someone else play a game basically) of a new horror game that came out in the last week or two. I'm in my room when the next thing I hear (after an hour or three of bone crunchs or screams) is Mitch going "Did they just kill the dog?" and here are the crob notes of the conversation;
"What?" - Me
"I think they may have just killed the dog." - Mitch
"I'm not sure, those weird creatures are attacking and the dog ran off."
"Well maybe it ran the heck away."
A few minutes later
"The dog is alive!" - Mitch
"Great!" - Me
"Yeah it's-" a loud sound comes from the computer that is remarkably similar to a dog and horror sounds, "THEY KILLED IT!!"
And then we had a moment of silence that ended with "It is never okay to kill a dog" and "Dogs deserve to live". Mitch went on the tell me that there were two dogs in the game. And he stressed the 'were'.

Day 6 - Trin gave me some pencils as a present (which is really nice) so I decided to use them for this.
It's not the best quality picutre, but meh, whatever.
Day 6: Completed.

Coincidentally, I was reminded of the Snow Dog Incident in our household. I will not dive into the details, but suffice to say Disney was banned from the house for a long period of time and Trin and I will never hear the end of it (although we also happily tell the story to others). If you want to know the story, ask Mum - she and Dad have the fullest memory of the incident (and her version is also the best [although it is funnier with all of us adding into it]).

Actually now that I think about it, I think Mum may have already told the tale, or at least mentioned it in parting on one of my old posts... Hold on, I'll check.

YES! I found it! It was in regards to sad movies, but here is the shorthand version;

"and the all time great 'Snow Dogs' a Disney film that resulted in sobbing, screaming, and vomiting from 2 young girls that literally spewed they were so upset, that was the day I banned Disney in the house, oh dear, those dogs" - Sunshineshelle 7th Feb 2014.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have study to do. Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Well, the face fits the story perfectly, that's a real shock-expression :-)

  2. That Snow Dogs was a terrible stain on the memory of all things Disney & of course the look you captured here (without the vomit) was pretty close to the reactions of ALL that night... like the new drawing pencils too)... tell Mitch, not to watch anything where dogs are hurt... or maybe Disney hehe!


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