22 Sep 2015

How far behind am I?

Five. Five faces behind. There went my somewhat decent track record.
Well here are some quick faces that I did on the weekend with some paint that I had.

Day 18 - I'm going to call this person Bluey

Day 19 - Afoil Knight. Ok, it is silver paint, but it kinda looks like foil right?

Day 20 - ??? No clue what I was doing
There is another face on this page, but I do have standards so that will not be appearing on this blog. Ever.
Days 18-20: Better late than never. Now to get back to essay writing (or attempting to)
Have a good day everyone!


  1. OK, the 'No Clue what I am Doing' made me laugh (maybe that is the real dad/Scot way ;) Looks like a saint from the future with a cosmic galaxy halo hehe, loving the hair on Bluey (how Oz) & the alfoil knight (so good for so many things) and pleased you have standards hahaha, I knew that but makes me very curious as to the face that missed the cut ;) Good post, now pack to essay writing :D

  2. I like them all, even the last one! They have a lot of energy!
    ... I hope you are done with the essay!


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