28 Sep 2015

More faces

Yo! How is everyone today?

Here are some faces I have done!

Face 24 - A Male Gorgon. Because why not? Also I have reasons.
Still suck at backgrounds

Day 25 - Cloud test (failed)

Anyway, back to essay writing.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I think I recognise that Gorgon, love the cheekiness of his expression, and the delicacy of cloud the way it floats and translucent colours is actually beautiful, the face seems as soft as cloud that surrounds and cushions him :) I see the more you do the more proficient you become with your character representations - so very cool!

  2. I think the backgrounds are good! I like it just as it is :D
    I am so happy you participated in the challenge!! ♥!


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