9 Sep 2015

A Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

How are you today? I'm a bit busy still and need to kick my butt into gear.

Anyway, here are two faces for the 29 Faces challenge. I started sketching this picture out sometime earlier this year, but I was just working out today and decided to finish the faces.

Days 7 and 8 - Letter Bee and her Dingo. I am counting the wolf's face in the challenge, because why not?
And I am so behind I need all the faces I can get.
It is a fanart of a manga series that I like called Tegami Bachi (or Letter Bee). The art from the manga is really neat and detailed, while the covers are always purple which I thought was great, and I like the characters - I am probably too attached to some of them because I get a little upset at events in the story sometimes.

The background in the picture is a mess, and it;s mostly because I am still learning how to draw them.

Where was I...? Oh yeah! Days 7 and 8: Done and dusted! Now I am only one day behind! Gah, I hope to go around an visit people later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Well, have a nice day everyone!


  1. Love these 2 Memmy, I have 3 more I need to take pics of and post, then I too will be a day behind ;) keep up the inspired work!

  2. These are great. My 14 yo daughter is just beginning to learn to draw manga...I'm going to send her over here to check out your work. :)

  3. Your fan art looks great!


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