29 Sep 2013

Holidays! And faces.

Hi all!
I'm finally on holidays! Only for a week, but better than none! The problem is that there is very limited internet, Trin is sick and I still have work to do.
Fine! I'm behind on my faces! So here is a bulk post!!

Day 22 and 23: It was just a quick picture. Pretty self-explanatory. Here is the comic that inspired this response CLICK HERE

Day 24: Eilene. She creates force fields (which I'm still trying to figure out how to draw)

Day 25: The Crybaby returns! There is no wi-fi here, so the bonuses I had carefully building up are all gone now.

Day 26: Xochitl - A spiteful goddess obsessed with erasing her mother's legacy. She has tossed other immortals into the mortal realm for various reasons. The thing I like the best is that her wings are useless. The bones are too weak and small to support her weight, so she only uses them to threaten. Bites her in the butt in the end.

Day 27: A Mayan ghost who was one of the sacrifices when her city suffered a drought. It explains why there are paper strips in her ear. She's kinda funny, haunting the museum's water pipes.

Day 22-27: Done!
Two more... I'm going to do it! I'll finally complete a 29 faces challenge!! Just you wait!
Alright! When I get internet, I will do a huge catch-up! Have a fantastic day everyone!

21 Sep 2013

A little bit behind!

Hi everyone!

Things are about to get busy here, so I'm posting some faces together! I'm so behind!!

Day 18: Crow. Kept it mostly simple. No hand though...

Day 19: Foxglove. I tried using highlights on her hair and mouth.
Day 20: Tirumala. He keeps his eyes hidden because of their colour. Maybe one day I'll draw him without the goggles.

Day 21: Wolf. I tried to experiment with canvass rotation and drawing animal features.

Day 18-21: Mission completed!
Ok! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

17 Sep 2013

Days 15-17

Hi all!

Just a picture of faces today! I have to take off for Capoeira soon. The Supernatural tutorial today was about witches, shaman and psychics! So I brought in my spell books and tarot cards. Art history was about the Italian and Russian response to Cubism.
Anyway! Faces!

From left to right: A older version of Ashley, Kelda (otherwise known as Vanilla) and Bodyguard #7 (she doesn't have a name yet). When together, they form the Survivor Scouts. It makes sense in context as there are groups of survivors behind them.
I am so sorry about the bad lighting for the picture! I hope that it is clear enough to see

Day 15, 16 and 17: Completed!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

13 Sep 2013

Takes as much time as Pointillism

Haha. I have a lot to do and not a lot of time.
Speaking of time, I tried something different for the 29 faces challenge. It took way too much time to complete!
Anyway, here are the faces for days 10 and 11!

So, this is Laura and Gale. They are from an old story I have and occasionally pop up. Laura is what is called a 'Walker' and Gale is her ghost. Walkers complete quests and travel to earn a body or rest for their ghost.
Day 10 and 11: Time consuming, but done!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

10 Sep 2013

Yikes! Is that the time?

Haha, I better be quick! I have to go to my Supernatural tutorial soon. Today will be about ghosts and near death experiences, so it should be very interesting! Then after that I have Capoeira and then a club meeting/movie.

I'm going to try a style of art that I've seen over the internet tonight when I get back (and after I do my readings), so we'll see how well that turns out!

I found some watercolours to use in Brisbane! So tadaa! I totally screwed up the arm (and I even posed in the mirror and everything...) Anyway, this is the Kikun. He keeps a coin tucked into his hat and suffers from amnesia - Everyone in the story comments that it is awfully convenient in the situation (which is a secret!)
Day 9: Done and dusted!
Yikes! 20 minutes to! I better go!
I hope you all have a fantastic day!

8 Sep 2013

Day 8

Hello everyone! How are you all?
I'm so behind!! I've been meaning to visit people in the challenge, but I just lost track of time... Sorry.
It's a little late over here, so I'll just post today's face and then head off!

Here she is!
She's a work in progress. Done on Photoshop. I'll have to try new techniques for the next few faces!

Day 8: Completed!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!

7 Sep 2013

Nga'ra and wu'ru

Hello everyone! How are you all today?

Mum, Trin and I went to the Collecto-rama today with two friends. It was a very interesting experience. Now, I have been there before with Mum, but today the people of Australia are screwing the future - In other words, the Election is on (and currently being tallied). I would tell you to look at the news, but the news in Australia is currently being twisted by the powerhouse to get the weakest person in. So instead here are some words from comedians;
“Don’t worry, zombies don’t vote in Australia. They’re attracted to brains” - Wil Anderson 'Gruen Nation' series 2 episode 4
“Ruining my weekend vs. getting a sausage” - Tommy Little 'This Week Live' episode 7
"There is another option that no-one else has thought of. That is - We can have a coup. Now we can have a military style coup. If we do this properly, we don't even have to have an election" - Tom Gleeson 'This Week Live' episode 7
And that pretty much sums up what some people think of the election. The comedians here love it because there is so much material to use.

Anyway, at the Collecto-rama there was something even worse than a politician... A self-righteous religious-nut who 'prays for the gays to be cured' and 'that Catholics are the scum of the earth and a Christian would never do anything bad). To top it off, she is voting for Liberal (whose leader is a sexist Christian - just ask the teenage female netball team). And while I would like to rant about the horrible things that will happen when Liberal gets into power (like the fact our internet will practically be nonexistent - A huge problem for the Australian gaming industry and pirates, or that no-one will get a conscience vote... Sorry, I'm ranting now). Trin says that at least she might get the chance to experience World War III, which would finally prove her history essay about the Industrial Revolution from last year right.

For the full details on what happened today at the Collecto-rama, please keep your eye out for a post from Mum. I assure you that after tonight there will be a post.

On a much lighter note, I finally found a Young Avengers comic!!!! YAY! Now if I could just find the Runaways/Young Avengers crossover...

Oh!! And here are two faces so that I'm up-to-date!
Day 6 and 7 - Nga'ra and wu'ru

Meet Kamlow (the big guy) and Minnta (the girl) - These two come from a Sci-fi story. Minnta has appeared on this site before, a normal human. Kamlow is an alien - You can't see the tail and his hair covers the ridges/scales on his forehead. Also I can't draw texture that well otherwise I would have drawn rough looking skin.

I don't know what they would exactly be saying, but from what Minnta is wearing I gather the two would be on Kamlow's home-world, probably in his old tribe's presence.

If my Gubbi-Gubbi (the Australian Aboriginal language from the Sunshine Coast) database is correct, nga'ra means 'brother' and in context seems akin to calling a friend 'brother'. While wu'ru means 'girl' no matter the context. I could be wrong, but that seems to be the idea.

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

And now for something completely different

6 Sep 2013

29 faces - Day 5

Don't really want to discuss what happened today. Suffice to say, I'll be spending my night curled into a ball on the ground attempting to draw. Failing that I will be trying to astrally project myself to an alternate reality.
Anyway, I'm a little bit behind on the challenge, so here's a face.

Day 5 - The crybaby
This is a test of a different style - Inspired by a character in 'Soul Eater'. And also a test of textures

Day 5: Done. I really don't know how to deal with a lot of things in life.
Have a fantastic day everyone!

4 Sep 2013

An Isolated Wonder

Despite the slightly melancholy title, I'm not in a depressed mood. In fact, I got a recent boost in confidence after getting back an assignment with the mark of 18/20 (or 90%).Side tracking slightly, but I think it's a funny story so I'm going to share it.
My Global History tutorial is rather amusing. No one seems to do the readings and everyone is kinda scared to talk. Anyway, the tutor likes to laugh and I end up talking to him briefly after the lesson. Today was about his reluctance to use Internet Explorer since he prefers Firefox. He said that he doesn't get computer viruses anymore since the change and finds it easier to navigate than Microsoft applications. Then he made this comment...
"You're all doing disasters for the assignment. Someone should do the disaster that is Microsoft."
Hehe. Well, I thought it was funny anyway.
 I should really go back writing my archaeology essay, so I'll part with a face for the day.

Day 4
Experimenting with face shapes (or trying to). I might actually write a little story for this picture. I drew this while listening to 'Prince Ali' from Aladdin. ... What? You're judging me aren't you?
Day 4: Completed! And now I'm up to date! Sweet!
Anyway, have a fantastic day everyone!

The Bunny and the Monster

Hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!
So yesterday, I woke up late and was in a rush getting my books together for the day at Uni. After the 30 minute train and bus ride, I arrived to my lecture room 20 minutes early only to discover that I had brought the wrong book with me.
Luckily I had some notebook paper to use, but the little monster rears his head at me every once and a while...

So, for the 29 faces, meet faces 2 and 3; The Bunny and the Little Monster

Chibi(s)! I'm not sure what the plural is. The bunny-girl on the right appears in notebooks when I make a depressing mistake, while the monster-boy turns up when I make a mistake that I beat myself over for. In high school, they frequented my Physics book (and occasionally my Mathematics)

Day 2 and 3: Finished! I've got to see what everyone else in the challenge is doing!
Have a wonderful day everyone!