31 May 2012

Hello again and sorry (again)

Hehe... Opps... I get caught up in everything around me that I don't have enough time for it all! Is that a bad thing? At least I'm never bored in that sense.
Anyway, sorry that I haven't been on or posted in a while. I plan to catch up with everything (or mostly everything). The faces for days 24-26 are recent creations. Actually, I felt inspired to do something I had never done before. Fan art. So, here they are. Done in my little sketch book and then inked, but I left the original lines in because I wanted to see how I did them in the first place. Anyway, the thing that I felt very inspired by was Final Fantasy XII, which I have gotten back into playing since I vacuumed out the Playstation 2.
Hmm... Speaking of inspiration... I've been having a lot of Beyblade dreams recently... I might need to watch a few episodes. Anyway! On with the faces!

Day 24
Normal hume. I still need to work on the feet... I liked her outfit, although I kept changing it while I was drawing.
Face close up, since this is 29 faces.

Day 25
A Viera. As you can see, she is lacking shoes and toes. And a hand but let's not get into that! She was difficult to draw because I wanted her to look more mature. She also ended up being a lot taller than I thought so her ears are cut off.

Day 26
And one of my favourite pictures, mostly because it isn't mostly human and it's so CUTE! Look at that face! *Ahem* Sorry about that. Anyway, this little guy is a Moogle. 

Day 24-26: Completed. I'm sorry I'm so behind, keep an eye out though. I hope to pump through them! And I also promise that I'll do a vampire. Actually, Mum said something about Vampires and MagicCrowLove, and made me promise to do one. So I will! Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

Oh, a little bonus (or hinderance. Whatever you feel fits), this is what they look like in my book.
Space for another character too!


  1. I love them all! Great job! The last one is adorable ;o) I hope you are able to do a vampire! I think you have till sunday ;o) You can win a Barnabas Crow painting ;o) Hugs Memphis ;o)

  2. ADORABLE!!! Whoops, I copied Stacy's word but it fits perfectly :) Love them all and nice to be inspired by other things in our life sometimes, the characters are all wonderful (faces AND bodies)!


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