13 May 2012

Day 10-13: A Beast, and Calmness?

Ok, I'm sorry it's late, and also...
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers! We took Mum on a picnic, but if you want to know the details, you'll probably see them on Mum's blog. I'll tell you, there was a lot of screaming, and we weren't even at the place yet!!

Day 10:
He's a sketch in my notebook. I was attempting to mix beasts and human parts together. For a first attempt, I though it was pretty good. You should see his feet/shoes.

Day 11-13:
From the front to back: Meet Torrie, Asher and Yuuta. They come from a chaotic story, so this is a picture from before the madness begins.
Days 10-13: Completed, and sorry they're so late! Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Lots of screaming? I wonder what happened? Your sketch in your notebook is very cool! Like it a lot!!! And, the other sketch looks like they are having a lot of fun! Have a wonderful day ;o)

  2. nice work!:D'

  3. Let's say it was the BEST mother's day, but getting there (a stunning deserted waterfall) around a cliff edge with sheer drop & no rails was the worst :/ Loving all these faces (& creature features) Memphis, your artwork is getting better with each one - fantastic :)


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