5 May 2012

Day 5, Heroes and a guilt trip

Mum was doing that Heroes thing on The Butterfly Effect, and she's been bugging me to enter it for a while now, but I didn't feel any inspiration. Mum suggested that I draw Naruto (and she kept suggesting it too. Every 10 minutes. I don't think she realised I liked other characters and other shows too), but there is an issue there as I don't draw fan art (I have no talent for it). The second issue that emerged was among the charcters and my own characters too: I don't really classify any of them as a 'hero' of any sort, not even if they do save a world or twelve, or wear the spandex costume, or anything related to heroes. All I see are people/aliens (I'm not discriminating) who make a decision and be moral, whichever way their morality goes. Yes, that applies to Villains as well. Anyway, Mum guilted me into doing it in the end, so here my face for the day and for her thingy too.

Hotaru returns again! I actually just started drawing a pose and then she popped up as the person to fit it.
The Questions...

1. What Super Power would you posses?
I would posses the ability to create and breath life into the worlds in my head and travel to them whenever I feel like it. Apparently that wish scared many of my former classmates 

2. What's your costume of choice?
Runners, long pants and a sleeved shirt with a jacket incase I'm somewhere cold and a bag for neat things that I like (the bag will need to be enchanted to house a lot of stuff then...). Probably with the colours green, blue and black. I'd melt into the background dressed like that!

3. Do you have/want a sidekick? 
Na, not really. I'd want my friends and family, but I wouldn't treat them (or address them) as a sidekick. Genre Savvyness because sidekicks are doomed and I really don't want that to happen

4. What's your weakness?
... Moody, stubborn, scared of Weeping Angels, Darleks, Cypermen and the things that might be in the dark (but not the dark itself)

5. You a lover or a loner?
Loner really.

6. Do you have a secret identity/ordinary life to juggle?
Ordinary life is fine, it's the travelling to the worlds I create that will cause the trouble ~ I'll get recognised there easily, so I'll need a disguise (maybe I should add a wig to the costume)

7. Being a hero can make you enemies - who's/what's yours?
Bullies, but I'll just throw them into one of my worlds and see how they cope.

8. What's your motto or catchphrase?
'Anyway' is common from me and 'No prop'. But when I pop into one of the worlds, I might say something like "Yo guys! How are you all today? Now you know the drill, tell me what's going on or I'll make something happen."
I'm not that mean. Maybe...

Day 5: Finito! Voila is next I promise. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Hey, you forced her into 29 faces it's only fair she forced you into this. :)) You're very practical, aren't you. Your hero looks like she can kick some ass. :)

  2. Hahahaha...WTG at embarrassing your mum for bullying you into doing the challenge :D...you might need that camo gear when she reads this though :D XXX

  3. Memmy, if you must know, the true superpower of any good mother is... GUILT!! Ha ha!!!! This post is AWESOME I love your answers... I bet that enchanted bag holds a kindle & pencil plus notebook ;) Now like Gina said, you better have your camo gear or otherwise I'm gonna find you - there are a couple of questions I have about your post ;) Natasha, she does kick butt, Memphis has always stood up to bullies & trod her own path when it would be so much easier to have joined the crowd, she is total HERO material & pleased she joined our posse :)

  4. Memphis love your drawing! So cool! Glad your mom made you do it ;o) I love your answers to the questions! Your super power is wicked! You are very creative Memphis!

  5. Loved what your mom said about you! You should be very proud of yourself ;o)


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