16 May 2012

Day 16: Caught up now!

Ok! The last post for today, and I'll be up to date!
Right, so on Mother's day, I had a really wonderful dream. Lots of action, lots of adventure, several alternate realities and an infinite amount of mystery!! I'm telling you, it was AMAZING!! Of course, it has now been added to the list of stories I'll work on. Anyway, back on track... Today's face was the character that I briefly shadowed to get a better understanding of the story. So, here she is!

Her working name is Ice-cream girl, since I forgot to ask what it was...

Day 16: Mission completed! I really need to learn another language so my brain doesn't feel... Dull. Anyway, have a nice day everyone!


  1. I wish we had access to more language courses!!! Maybe find tapes for Japanese if that is what you are most interested in... I'm still learning English LOL! Love this icecream girl - awesome :)

  2. Your dream sounds amazing! I love ice cream girl! It looks like she can kick butt ;o)


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