9 May 2012

Day 9: A Quick Pic and Post

Hello everyone! Just a quick post, because Mum wants me to turn the computer off! So, here is the person she pulled out of the hat. His name is Cajun, and he's got stripes in his hair... But I forgot to put them in, so I'll have to do that tomorrow.

If you want to know what he is pointing at, it's is breakfast. Burnt toast that has been cruelly tortured. In other words, Cinnamon (February 29 faces) cooked it. 

Day 9: Complete, now have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. He is cute Memphis ;o) Can't wait to see his stripes in his hair ;o) His poor toast! LOL! Have a great one ;o)

  2. Ha Ha what a sweetie :) Hope you didn't stay up too late ;)

  3. Cajun as in the french people in the US?
    I will like to see him with the hair done.
    By the way, now I want a tortured toast hehehe


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