13 Oct 2011

An article that I did for school

First off. I'M SO SORRY! I still haven't inked my witches, but I just borrowed out a heap of new (to me) manga and I'm reading 'The Power of Six' (sequel to 'I am Number Four'), so again I apologise. I still intend to keep my promise.

Anyway, to post a post, in Australia, we have a festival called 'Voices on the Coast'. It's a festival with Australian writers, artists and occasionally performers. I first went when I was in grade 6 or 7. Mum went to as a chaperone to the group of over-excited kids. Since my first time, I've been going to the festival ever since. I've picked up different techniques in writing and drawing, or things to try (most of which I suck at, but I still try). Anyway, my first year of High School was the first time they decided to try taking a group there. We were small, and at the end of the day, I wrote up an article on it. Every year since then, I've written an article and this was my last year doing it.

There was a mistake in the article (ONE mistake) but on this post I fixed it up. Teacher did a lousy check-over. Anyway, moving on to the actual article.


On the 6th of June 2011 at Sunshine Coast University, the ‘Voices on the Coast’ 30 students and 3 teachers from St Asbjörn’s attended this literacy festival. The number of students had been cut in half, but none the less no-one’s spirits for the excitement of that day were dampened. The day’s highlights included going to writing, drawing and performing workshops, listening to the stories of the talented authors and illustrators there and of course, getting autographs. The St Asbjörn’s students showed their best behaviour as they were swept with the unparalleled excitement of the day.
As soon as the group stepped off the bus, everyone was gearing to go to the first session. Olivia from 8.6 said that after attending the Steph Bowe talk she would “really like to read the book ‘Girl saves Boy’ because it sounds interesting”. Brigette from 9.4 went to a Pat Flynn talk, afterward saying “I really enjoyed this session as he entertained a comical side to his lecture capturing everyone’s attention”. Meanwhile over on the other side of the grounds, many went to a talk with Oliver Phommavanh, and were in agreement that even with the child-like sense of humour (and attention span) that it was the funniest talk of the day and a huge highlight.
In session 2, Rianna from 8.4 went to a talk with fantasy author Kate Forsyth saying, “I always loved fantasy and it had some good writing tips for me”. Several students went to a printing workshop and all agreed that it was one of the most fun things of the day; Trinity said “I enjoyed this workshop because it showed how talented some people are”. Grace from Penola 3 explained that the ‘Shake and Stir’ workshop “Was not what I had first expected. It was an unbelievably awesome workshop”!
In the last session, Darcy from 9.3 went to see James Phelan and had some harsh criticism: “It was alright, it needed more writing techniques’. Finian went to Michael Bauer saying it was a “great inspiration and very funny”. Sacha said that “Tristan Bancks showed us how to set up and write stories”.
Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end (much to the disappointment of all), and at the bottom of each of the sheets I have in front of me there are the words ‘Best day ever’ or ‘Great fun’ scrawled across in all different handwritings.
It’s been a pleasure reporting the St Asbjörn’s students’ day during ‘Voices on the Coast’ for the past five years; it’s hard to believe that we started with only 10 students and one teacher.
Memphis Year 12
CLC Club

And just on another note, all last names were deleted from this article and I changed the name of the High School, just incase some creep comes along. I'm not saying any of you are creeps, but it's better to be safe than sorry. And incase the name 'Saint Asbjörn' is stubbled upon, it comes from a web-comic called 'Scandanavia and the World' and was created by Humon. I just lack the imagination right now to create a name, and I was re-reading some comics yesterday.

I hope I did everything correctly... If not, I'll probably take the post down. Anyway, Have a good day everyone.


  1. Great post Memphis! Enjoyed reading it!

  2. You did a fabulous job writing this article. Very well thought out and articulated and I woudl certainly leave this post up.

    Good for you to change the names. I hate creeps, too! ;-)

  3. Thanks Stacy for reading (and enjoying it). And thanks to you too Mina.
    Yes I hate creeps, and like Mum triple checking the locks on the house, I triple check that I (and others) can remain (mostly) anonymous.


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