19 Nov 2011


Yesterday, I finished my 12 years of schooling. While the girls in my year were balling their eyes out about how much everyone was good friends with each other and how much their miss others in the grade, I sat there waiting for it all to be over so I could go home and never see many of them ever again (boys and girls, not just girls). Now while that is a negative view to the process of graduation, the fact of the matter is, most of those people tortured me for twelve years, so I'm very happy at the prospect of never seeing most of them ever again.

Now the only thing is, I actually show them respect, even though they have never shown it to me. And I always wondered why I did that. Truth is I still have no idea. Probably 'Treat people the way you want to be treated', never worked, but I moved on to the idea of 'what goes around comes around'. Still hasn't worked too well though. Mum is always saying to me 'But there are some people you trust right? Just because of what happened in the past doesn't mean that it will happen now', and while Mum may say that, the truth to the matter is I just don't like most people my age because they are what I like to call 'colourless sheep'. For this reason I also dislike a huge amount of the people in the younger grades too. Still though, there are a few peers that I do like and hope to cross paths with again sometime in the future because they aren't 'colourless sheep' to me. And these few people I consider friends.

School wasn't all that bad though. I liked most of the teachers (didn't really like my last English teacher) and I enjoyed a huge majority of the lessons. I had a lot of time in school to think too. It was in those times I started to plan or flesh out my stories. Nobody would notice if I went off on my own, or that I was in the same room (in several camp and retreat cases), I don't think they even noticed that I stopped writing down notes to draw a picture instead.

I guess after this little rant, I can't really say much about my personal experience with school. Summed up; I dislike most of the people at school, but school itself I really liked. Now with more free time, I'll be able to do more drawings, write more, start going through the list of books that I've been meaning to read and start finishing video games (or start them, depends on which gaming console).

Actually, yesterday, there was a Year 12 liturgy, and it was pretty boring (and sitting on the floor for around 2-3 hours didn't help). I was lucky, I was sitting next to two of my friends. 30 minutes into the liturgy, I looked over to the friend on my left, Owen, and said "Is it sad that I'm thinking I can scale the wall and hide up there?" while I motioned to the bearings on the ceiling. He looked up and realised what I was referring to.
"Do you think it's sad I'm thinking about throat tickler's?" He replied. I looked at his hands and he was flicking them like he was activating something.
Now, I think I should explain what a throat tickler is. It is my friend's nickname for a hidden blade after he used it in a game and it went through the throat (but he had turned the blood option off for some reason), thus it was named.
This is a 'throat tickler'. Otherwise known as a hidden blade. And the game it's from (Currently in my possession)
I got the image from Google.
Talking about hidden blades, at the Graduation dinner later that day, the two of us and our other friend, Mitchell (otherwise known as Mitch'o) were so bored that we placed spoons in our watches (or bracelet in my case) and pretending that we were assassins in our seats. This happened while our principal was talking for, uh... I don't know how long he went on for. And oh yeah, he is a brother (Catholic brother not family brother). We stopped in the end, just as we saw the dessert coming out and instead focused our attention to feeding the candle something with Owen's mum and Mitch's sister, which we again stopped as soon as the servers came to our table.

And so after that night, and sleeping for 12 hours, I got up, ate breakfast/lunch, placed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in the X-box and spent 4 hours jumping from roof to roof, sniping guards with a crossbow and the last few minutes taught Mum how to fight briefly. I was very proud; She assassinated one and killed the other three within 20 seconds. A lot better than she was in Halo were she threw a grenade in the car she was in... That was after spending ten minutes of me telling her where to turn the camera to so she could get in... And that was after her spending 30 minutes lost and her running off a cliff (although from that she did appear where I was after she fell and that solved the lost problem).

Ok, I think I'm done for now. That was a nice little rant, I feel much better. Now that school's finished, I'll be posting the pictures that I drew in my school books over the past year a few at a time. Ok, thanks for listening (well, reading, but you get the idea)! Have a nice day everyone!
This was a picture I drew to celebrate me graduating. Nice isn't it? I drew the hand on the right, Mum drew the one on the left.


  1. Hey Memphis, congrats on graduating! Yeh!!! You know, you will go through life, not liking a lot of people, people who are ding dongs! For you to show these people respect, you are a good person and it will come back to you! I started laughing when you were talking about your mom! I would probably throw the grenade in my car too! LOL! Take Care ;o)

  2. Thanks Stacy! If I could, I'd describe all of Mum's attempts at video games. Some of them good attempts, but most are pretty bad (and funny like the grenade incident). Me and Trin have a recording of her screaming at the TV screen at one stage of a game in frustration and another one of her jumping up and down with glee as she passed a different level. Never a boring moment when Mum's got a game to try out! ^.^


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