4 Aug 2011

Yo! What's up?

Hi everyone!

It's taken a while, but I'm pleased that I've finally started up this blog. But now that I have, I don't know how to start... OH! I know!!

I'm Memphis Wilson! That's a good start, need to get the names out of the way. Um...

Likes: Manga, anime, drawing, writing, reading, school, videos games, music collecting lots of different stuff, creating, sleeping, family and friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, many sports - actually anything that involves running over 200 metres without a break and any with a ball (people seem to think that there is a target sign on the back of my head permanently)

Favourite shows: Red vs Blue, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Soul Eater, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Psych, Eureka, Lone Gunmen, and probably a whole lot more.

Ok, I know you guys are giving me weird looks as I'm writing this now. It seems more like Facebook with all the likes, dislikes and favourites, so I'll stop that now.

Hm... Right! I live with a lovely mum named Shelle, a surfing dad named Fraser, a little sister that goes through my room when I'm not around called Trinity and a chocolate/tan coloured spoodle (it's a breed of dog) named Milo. For those who notice or know, the Shelle here is none other than SunshineShelle (http://sunshineshelles.blogspot.com/), so I'll do my best to not be bias and promote her too much on these blogs, but you know. No guarantees though!!

What else would you need to know...? I'm currently working on over 13 different stories and one of them I hope one day will turn into a manga (Japanese graphic novel) that people will read. I guess then you guys should know that I'm very, very, very protective of my characters and their stories. I think it's because they are close to me, so I see them more as friends than figments of my overactive imagination (Is that weird?)

So why am I writing this blog? I figured it was about time for these characters to see the outside world and how people react to them. So please, if you have any criticism good or bad, don'e be afraid to comment. I don't bite. Anymore at least.

Moving on! Please don't take them! They are my characters and worlds, so all copyrights, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. This is the internet, so I assume some idiot is going to come along and attempt to take a character or five. That said, I'm placing a lot of trust in believing that that won't happen, so don't muck up the trust. Thanks for understanding, since I'm protective over all of them.

Ok, so let's get off to a good start then! Thanks for reading! Hope none of you are insulted by the above outburst.

   Memphis     =^.^=

P.S. Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling about nothing, it's just how my brain works.


  1. Woo hoooo I'm your first follower Memmy & so happy to see you've started a blog so I can check out what creative pursuits you get up too, well done :)

  2. I love your intro and enjoyed reading your profile. You surrounded by so much talent and love, how lovely (you see, I can ramble too, let' call it artistic thinking ;-).

    You like Eureka! Woohoo! I LOVE Eureka. Can't wait to have a couple of ours to sit down in front of TV and veg until something blows up in the lab.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, sweet darling. I'm now a follow and promise to stalk you often ;-D

  3. Thanks Magaly! Yes artistic thinking, but if I ramble at school I get some weird looks my way! ^.^'
    Everyone in our family here likes Eureka, it makes the science I'm doing look like fun (Or the most fun it can get without blowing something up in chemistry or firing medieval weapons at other physics students). Actually the last one was pretty fun (Although it wasn't fired on purpose)...
    Thanks for the welcome and for following! Have a wonderful day! ^.^

  4. Aw the loveliness of blowing up the school lab. Um... by accident, of course...


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