8 Oct 2011


Haha, I sorta kinda spent my day painting and playing on the computer, when I was meant to be finishing off a different drawing... Opps... Anyway, I liked the outcome of the painting I did, so I decided to show you guys the picture. The picture is of Ashley (an older version of her I think) and it's done in a 1970's knitting book. I plan to fill the other pages with my other characters. There are only three pictures though because I'm really lazy when the camera's out of my reach.

Would you believe me if I said that I actually drew that hand?
And here is the fully coloured picture. Like it? I do. It seems kinda steam-punk to me, but I found the outfit in one of the 70's knitting books! Although, the outfit had no colour, so that part's all me!
And then I decided to add an outline for her wings in the end just to use up some of the paint I had left

Short post, but the next one will have my witches I promise! I'll draw all day tomorrow if I have to (actually, I might do that anyway). Ok, have a fun day everyone!


  1. Memphis love her! Great job on the hand ;o)

  2. Isn't this great what a wonderful juxtaposition of cultures & times, love the results of this painting of Ashley and can't think of a better way to recycle those found books!!!

  3. What a cool idea to paint in a magazine like that~
    Awesome work, love the look of her clothes and the flowy hair!

    // - T.W -

  4. Wow! This is great. I am so impressed by your artistic skills. Bravo!

  5. Thanks Stacy, I like the hand too ^.^! I started to draw Ptah of the cat brothers in the book too, he's looking out of the page. When he is finished, I'll post him up and dedicate it to you! After all, you bought the first ACEO and Ptah was on it!
    Mum, it was you who gave me the idea for it when you were painting on those french books (or was it some old novel?). I can't remember...
    Thanks for coming by T.W, and thanks for the comment. Coming from an awesome manga artist like yourself, it's fantastically cool! (No offence to anyone else, your comments are fantastic too. I'm sorry though if you are offended)
    And thank you Mina for your compliment. My artistic skills are still developing, and I won't consider them halfway there until I can draw a hand without rubbing it out 500 times, or draw most of a fight, or until I can draw a werewolf. Which ever comes first ^.^


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