3 Oct 2011

Holidays and My friend's artwork

Holidays are a great thing. Travel, sleep, video games, reading, drawing and writing! The only issue is that it has to be crammed into 2 weeks. That and there was little internet access time (and whatever time there was a certain younger sister made sure she had it). Doesn't matter though. I enjoyed reading out my favourite bits to Mum from the book I was reading, 'Witches Abroad' by Terry Pratchett, while mum told me about hers, 'Small Gods' also by Terry Pratchett. And now I really, really, really need to find the other 30-something novels of Discworld.

On the first day of the holidays, I sent an e-mail to my friend (the one who likes the purple hair) asking if I could put the pictures she drew for me on here, but she didn't check her inbox, so I had to wait until school today when she came bouncing up to me excited to talk about her holiday (mainly watching anime). But before I show the pictures on here, you need to know the back story (well, not really, but it clears up some details).

1) She (my friend) is a really gifted manga artist. She is like me in that she draws in her school books, but if you flip through hers, you'll see some school work on a page and then a full page dedicated to a character on the next. Man I get so jealous of her sometimes... She tells me about her pictures and I REALLY want to see them... Moving on.

2) Three weeks before the end of the term, she had started to get back into an anime called 'Beyblades', something that I re-watched three years ago (and keep re-watching when I'm in the mood). She was very excited about it, and throughout the week, we talked about the parts that she was up to and what she remembered from before.

3) During the exam week, she came up to me with a picture that she had drawn of two of the characters, and I decided I was going to draw her as a beyblader with a dragon bitbeast, but I wanted her to be happy with it. So during the study block, I asked her what were her preferred colours and if she still adored dragons (overall, her tastes vary depending on how she is feeling). So I did the picture (with a dragonology book for a reference) and gave it to her at the end of the day. If I interpreted the squealing correctly, she was really happy.

4) And now we arrive to the last week of the term. In the last block she was absolutely determined to give me the picture before the end of the day. Since my chemistry class only had seven kids in it, after we packed up the library, we could sorta wander around for a bit before going back to the classroom. My friend was in the library and said she'd give the picture if I tagged along with her. After wandering around, she realised that the picture was in the art room, so we went there (the class also had seven kids) and she happily told me all about the drawing process and joined my chemistry class for a bit before she took off.

So that is the very brief backstory. Now some of you are wondering why I'm putting my friend's work on here, even though I've been drawing over the holidays, am I right? The truth is... I need to fix up my drawings, and organise them, and possibly locate one or two. BUT I was originally planning to post this on the last day of the term and I decided I'd still go though it. Besides, it an awesome picture and I like showing people awesome things.

Oh, I just realised I didn't tell you what the picture is of. It's her interpretation of me as a beyblader and what my bitbeast would look like. She always puts so much work into her artwork... I feel bad now... I think mine is really, really, really poor compared to hers...

Anyway! To the pictures!

I'll put up better quality pictures as soon as I can and I promise Magaly, I'll keep my self-made promise to put up my witches, but the pictures of them went walk-abouts and now I have to find them (or redraw. There's not that much work yet).

Anyway, thanks for reading and bearing with me on this one! Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Hey Memphis, your friend's art is amazing and cool! But, your's is too! Don't compare yourself or put yourself down! We are all different and amazing in our own ways ;o)

  2. Yeah, I know, but some of the things she draws I can only think about (mostly because I have no confidence with my pencil and draw several lines before rubbing out any). But you do have to compare. I found a picture of mine from two years ago and was very ashamed of it! My style had changed more than I realised! Anyway, thanks Stacy! Hope you have a nice day!

  3. Stacy is correct, we all interpret differently & even with a style like manga there are so many cool ways to illustrate which gives varied & interesting results which extend the genre & makes it more exciting! These are totally brilliant & a wonderful gift from your friend, I hope she keeps drawing as she has a great talent :) Love this post Memphis :)


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