15 Feb 2017

The Valentine Post


Although a day late, Happy Valentines!

You all hopefully know my usual (don't particularly like it or Ferris Wheels).

Anyway, back in Novemeber last year, I went to Supanova. Naturally dressed up. Me and Mitch caught up with an old school mate of ours, who was dressed as Bill (from Gravity Falls) one day and Rocket Raccoon (from Guardians of the Galaxy) the next. Mitch had two outifts as well, and I had slaved and hit the sewing machine over one to avoid a catastrophe, so I was getting my wear out of it.

We were in line for an audio book thing, but were talking about an author talk me and Mitch went to - called "Death of the Anti-Hero: and other tropes". We talked about what we would like to see less of in TV and books and movies. Naturally, I said "I would like to see a lot less romance."

"That's kinda hilarious coming from you," Mitch laughed.

"Yeah. I admit I haven't watched the show you're from, but isn't your character a little bit on the romantic side?" Our friend (as Rocket Raccoon) added.

"A little?" Mitch burst into another round of laughter, "Try a lot!"

"I appreaiacte the purr-fect irony," I said as I mimicked a pose that my character does and flicked my recently cut hair (as Mitch called it, "The French Boy").

There was (and still is) a little joking debate between us as we talked about our favourite pairings in the show, but then line started moving, so in we went.

During Supanova there was also a dad and his son watching me as I walked around.
"Must be Catwoman," The 'all knowing' father mumbled (what he thought was low enough so I couldn't hear).
"No, Cat Noir," The son responded. I think the Dad was going to say something about why would a girl dress as a male character, when another Cosplayer that I had talked to (and seen everyday) came by with a "Hey Chat Noir! Found your ring?"
"Miraculously yes," I smiled back as she continued by. A quick glance showed me that the Dad was eager in trying to look away and the kid smiled - so I gave him a wave and continued trying to find Mitch.

Anyway, you aren't here for a story or two. Nor hear about anything else (most likely), so here is the face for Day 14! A Magical Boy this time.

Chat Noir from Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (or Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir)
The punny partner of Ladybug, which is coincidentally why I dressed up as him. And I wanted to wear something with pockets. Also I wanted a haircut. The hairdresser thought it was hilarious when I pulled out a cartoon picture and said "As close as possible to this please".

So, with a Chat Noir singing his partner's graces, I naturally thought of another face.

Alya and Marinette from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir
 I got lazy with the colouring

And so...

Days 14 and 15 - Done and dusted.

That's it. I see a bunch of problems with them (Chat in particular), but I have yet again slaved over it and I need a break. My brain is trying to think of more puns, but my stomach is saying "FOOD FIRST".


  1. You are so creative. These are great. How did the haircut turn out?

    1. Fangtastically, if a little unruly when it grew out a few centimeters!

  2. Love the insights and stories that partner these characters faces, also LOVE LOVE the fact you and your sister are the only 2 people I have heard of pulling out manga/anime characters photos to give to a hairdresser to match... BTW you Mitch and SupaNova conversations are truly a hoot, love those snippets 😁


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