27 Feb 2017

Day 25 - Up for a little trip?


While in the inital stages of choosing which magical girls to do (or at least, find as many as I could), I thought about the Power Rangers.

Maybe they counted? Probably not, as it was (most of the time I think) a male dominated team. But they had the uniform, and the transformation sequence, and the whole "must-not-tell-normal-people". So maybe?


Instead, I decided to do a Kamen Rider. Before you ask - No. I don't actually know much about the Kamen Rider TV series. There are something things that I do;
1) One of them carries around a spare pair of clean underwear
2) Most of them ride motorcycles
3) There is a small handful of dudettes who transform
4) There are movies where they have fought the Super Sentai (Original Power Rangers) and some people called Space Sheriff - all in all a misunderstanding each time, but it all worked out.
5) I may have watched most of the movies

In my defence (which lets face it, I proudly admit to many things I watch no matter what age or quality, so I really don't have much a defence), there was some really, really, really good choreographed fights and action scenes.

So, here is one of the female Kamen Riders that appears in the movies.

Day 25 - Kamen Rider Nadeshiko
Look - buddy - I know the armor is crap. And the shadows are off. And the body is uneven (to be fair, I only added the body because I didn't like the superimposed idea I had before). And that it is a lazy background. But this picture has been sitting in my to-do pile for too long and was taking up some space.

Moving on...

It's getting late, and I have work tomorrow.
Aaaaannnnnnd 4 faces to crank out. So...


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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! I think you did a wonderful job!


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