26 Feb 2017

Day 24 - Read all about it


Well, now that I am behind, and three days until the end of February - it seems that I need to crank out faces.

And it seems like I will be leaving out some faces that I really want to do - so maybe I will do more than 29.

Anyway, here is Day 24! Continuing the Magical Girl Family thing that I am imagining

The young magical from the 1970s Blue Fairywren
Oh... I just noted a mistake in the text. Opps
The text says;
Sydney’s New Saviour? A Small, Blue Fairywren

'Yesterday, traffic grinded to a halt along George Street as another dark mass dropped from the sky and caused chaos. As people fled from the street, the dark mass continued to grow unabated until the arrival of a young girl dressed in blue. She quickly set-up a barrier and warned people away. The Crimson Rosella appeared minutes later and the two went in to combat the mass. After a tense wait, a blue and red light flashed as the mass retreated into nothingness, the two saviours left standing among the abandoned cars.

The Crimson Rosella took off as quickly as she appeared, but the other young girl remained and ensured that the general public were safe.

A reporter that was at the scene questioned her about her name, how long she has been active.

“I’m the Blue Fairywren,” she responded, “I’ve been around helping the Crimson Rosella for a few years from the sidelines.”

When questioned about being related to the Scarlet Robin she laughed.

“The Scarlet Robin and her team are quite an inspiration to live up to and model ourselves off, having been told many stories of their heroics by my father.”

Perhaps sensing that the reporter would keep her there the afternoon, the Blue Fairywren cited that she needed to return to her homework and she disappeared into the moving crowd.

This makes her the second magical girl to appear in 5 years, after the Crimson Rosella, and 20 years after the assumed retirement of Sydney’s first Scarlet Robin. How many more girls are there that will take up the mantle and example of Sydney’s saviour?'

Anyway, have a wonderful day!

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