5 Feb 2017

Day 4 - Small Rockstar


I am a day behind, but that's because I downloaded a mobile game and got sucked into it (naturally). This face was done yesterday though.

Anyway, it seems that after Japan, France and Italy have the magical girl market cornered. Today's face is a different French Magical Girl.

The magical form of Talia from LoliRock
And a close up!

Wow I suck at taking photos. Maybe I should just leave it for Mum to do. And maybe one day I'll do hands and backgrounds, but who knows? (I sure don't)
Day 4 - Completed!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. For anyone interested, W.I.T.C.H. (of Day 3) is Italian made, however it is set in America - since I felt the need to double check.


  1. I think this 'Magical Girl' has an awesome expression, love the way the 'Princess of Xeris' expression seems to change when only half face shown too!

  2. I love her! I love her eyes and smile! I think your photographs are excellent! Big Hugs!


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