27 Feb 2014

Oh for the LOVE of-!

What day is it?
February 20th? No? 27th?! This is what happens when I don't check the date. And get busy...

Well, Uni starts next week, and I am very happy to be going back. Breaks are great and all, but you need stuff to do (besides work). I didn't get around to doing half the stuff that I wanted to though... So I guess that will be weekends!

The last face I did was Day 18, so I am 9 faces behind. Sorry, I'm Captain Obvious today. Mentally drained. Not drained enough to set up a tripod and do some art.

I did have a camera set up and recording the making of this one, but the camera turned off and the file was lost.

Robyn pre-hair cut. Stubborn and stand-off, she misses the time her little siblings idolised her.
Now, for something a little bit different... Inspired by AlayaArt - the wonderful creator and host of the 29 faces challenge - I recorded myself drawing Robyn (and the Green Dude below). It was a little bit weird watching it back, mostly because I watch it in real-time without the action replay. Mum made a comment once that I had gotten quicker at drawing - and it is true, from taking 40 minutes to draw one face (perfectionist remember?) I now take between 10-15 minutes.

Anyway, if you want to watch, feel free. Music comes from the Cirque De Soleil performance that I went to 1.5 years ago. (on a quick side note - that feels like a lifetime ago)

I tried the crayons Mum had used for some of her faces. The default colour that I choose is green almost every time - probably because it is my favourite colour
And another video. Just because I had it.

So days 19, 20 and 21: Done! That's it! No one talk to me about my slackness in this challenge. I already punish myself enough for that.
I have more faces that I have done (and I was meant to post those first) but someone wiped the memory card so I need to retake the pictures.

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!

Oh, there is something else. A preview for the next face. Maybe, it will probably be done in March.

And there is a perfectly reasonable explanation to why I have a baby name book. It was 10 cents and I like names.


  1. I liked watching your videos Memphis ;o) The month has went by too fast! I like the expressions on the these 3 ;o) All the best with university! ;o)Hugs ;o)

  2. 10c THAT'S OVERPRICED!!!! he he... I love watching you make faces, on paper & when I make a stupid remark ;) Love the post, and find it awesome watching you make one of your characters appear out of nowhere & share them here on your post :)


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