12 Aug 2014

I think I broke my back!

Hello everyone!

Long time no see (Yes I can see you through the computer screen - especially if your computer has a camera attached). Sorry for the dramatic title, but I don't think my back is in that state.


I have been lugging thick textbooks for an essay on proto-Medieval museums around the whole day though. This is including going from Uni to the State Library, then back to Uni (to drop off documents for the Writers Club), then back to the State Library (with a side trip into the Museum because I don't care how heavy my bag, is I will go) then back to the train station and a 800m up-down-uphill walk. So... around 4 hours.

Yes! So I have been really slack, but since everything is happening for me this week, I thought I should post as a update - and go see everyone else to apologise for being lazy.

Well, first off, as I said above (and maybe before) I am part of my University's Writers Club and we just started up a magazine to celebrate writing (and poke fun at things) called Scribble & Scribe - because that is really what most of us do. We use both real names and fake names (such as Henry the Goat who complained about Loud Larry from tutorials) and have a wide range of stories and features like various stories, food (for a Uni student's budget), horoscopes (which you should always follow) and dating advice (Most common was 'BURN IT ALL', but that may have been an overeaction). And, oh yeah. I did a comic for it.

Well I laughed at least.

I better get back to reading for the essay (and probably my debate on Divination). It's the EKKA public holiday tomorrow, but I will be going on Friday instead with my lovely sister instead. And after I move houses.


Lots of work to do.

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic and wonderful day!


  1. Good to hear from you Memphis ;o) Sorry about all those books! I think that's so cool your club started up a magazine! The comic is hilarious! Love it! Big Hugs and don't work too hard at school! Please give everyone in the family a hug from me ;o)

  2. Well I finally got back to write a comment! So happy to read your blog again as I know you get not only weighed down by your bag, but the amount of uni assignments too! Love LOVE others getting the opportunity to sample the manga you created here, and characters that you have nurtured to life through your short stories which you may also get to share through being part of this talented bunch of writers publishing Scribble & Scribe! well Done Memmy :)


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