7 Feb 2014

Puzzle solved!


So I realised I am a two days behind. And I have a perfectly reasonable excuse (almost as good as Mum's). I've been busy.

Very busy.
Solving puzzles...
It just happens ok? And it's always "Oh, I'll just finish this puzzle and then go to bed" but NO! That never happens! 


So, yeah... I've been playing the Professor Layton games for a long time. Originally I thought it was a stupid idea for a game (really, Brainteasers?), but someone gave me the game as a present many years ago (2008 - That's six years ago!) and I've been playing it ever since. Me and Mum sometimes sit up at the bench, a 3DS and a DS in hand and solve puzzles. Occasionally switching when we get stuck on one.
Anyway, I'm playing the last game right now, and I'm making it last as long as I possibly can. It's really testing my willpower.

And here are the faces for days 6 and 7!
I call it "I Found Another One!"

It is a little known fact that puzzles hide in bushes like wild Pokemon. I plan to eventually colour the picture (and draw the hands), but I'm happy with this right now.
Oh! The character at the front is Luke Triton and of course, the Professor is up the back.
Day 6 and 7: A true gentle(wo)man leaves no face undone!
One day, I'm going to get into trouble doing things like that... *Sigh*

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. This is how I felt when I suggested drawing Professor Layton and Luke as catch-up to Mum and she said it was like solving a puzzle.


  1. they are so cute

    how fun that you play puzzles with your mum, sounds like fun to me

  2. I like the look they are giving each other! I can see you and your mom playing puzzles together! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Ahhh, love these guys, unfinished or otherwise, just great Memphis :)

  4. I don't know what that game is, but I like the composition here!


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