20 Feb 2014

Withdrawal symptoms and a face

Hi all!
How is everyone going with the 29 faces challenge? Getting through it?

Work is eating all my spare time and very tiring - Murphy's Law was in full effect today
And also, one of my manga series is being borrowed by a friend. I had a dream that I was hunting demons down and was talking to characters in the series. I prefer to read rather than watch the anime (and then I still prefer a physical copy rather than read via the Internet), and ALL 10 VOLUMES ARE BEING LOANED!! The good news I know why my friend lives, so if it gets really bad (like two months from now and I still don't have the collection back in my hands) I can go to his house and get it back.
Maybe grab some old-school Doctor Who while I'm at it.

Anyway, face for Day 18. Inspired by the series Blue Exorcist by Kazue Katō, because it has cool art, I like the story, and it is always funny when the son of Satan gets friend-zoned. Ha!

There is no shading, it was just a quick drawing to get some stress out. I am most proud of the sleeping hobgoblin and the emblem on the vest. I suck at backgrounds...

The sketch I did at work, that brief moment that is lunch. As you can see, I did not deviate much (if at all) from the original.

I might put on the other arm guard later.
Day 18: Completed! Only two-three days behind now!
I'm hoping to get to an art historian talk on Manet tomorrow in Brisbane, so I have to make a decision in the morning. And to deal with the withdrawal of manga, I am watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' - yeah, either way, both waste time (although lower stress levels back to normal)!

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone! Remember to visit everyone else in the challenge!


  1. Lov e eee eeeeeeely :)
    Wow, she is fantastic, face & all the rest of her too!!! Love the little creature (does he have a face LOL).
    Chill sweetie, enjoy looking at & DOING art & work, well, that's just to save up for Japan, which makes it all worthwhile xoxox


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