4 Oct 2014

Life is...

Busy, busy, busy.
Sleep, oversleep.

So I have been incredibly slack with work. I'm meant to be writing an essay on the Reneissance debate of Disegno (that Vasari praised highly in Florentine artists, mostly Michelangelo) and Colore (which Dolce and other Venetian humanists valued in art). A week ago, I was in the newly finished driftwood studio painting with Mum when Dad came in and we talked about the topic. More about how we should be grateful to the debate between these 16th Century artists and writers because it provides us with an insight into the process of creating art as well as what particular audiences valued.

Naturally, I believe art should have elements of both (and most art do). Anyway, as I said I was painting with Mum. I had drawn/designed an image in my idea book that I had wanted to paint. With my book in hand, I grabbed two canvas and applied paint. And then it was a process of me matching the image 'correctly' and fixing all my mistakes (much to Mum's annoance when I started to sigh or groan - but I am a perfectionist)

SO! Here are the pictures of the finished product.

So this looks a bit weird to me...

Ah, much better! I kept the backgrounds plain because I was too afraid that I would screw up the painting.

Life is Fun & Colourful
Life is Boring & Monochrome

In case it is hard to tell, I have two opposing views on life...

1) I enjoy life and most of the people in it for giving this small world a huge variety of ideas/inspiration/colour

2) I dislike life (hate is too strong a word) and the idiots in it that take away the variety and spice that makes the world alive.

It is rather funny, out of me and Trin, I'm the happier one yet I have the bleakest outlook on life and expect the worse in people (as well as understand some of the underlying principles that govern politics and people). While Trin is angry and upset a lot of the time recently, she has a bright outlook, seems (to me) to be very naive when it comes to the world and expects everyone to be 'good'.

We fight a lot nowadays and I don't think she likes it when I'm around.

Anyway! Like the painting? I better get back to cleaning my room so that I can then start on Vasari and Dolce and Michelangelo and Titan and some-other-dude-whose-name-I-have-forgotten. ... Busy, busy, busy!

Have a wonderful day everyone! I hope you all see that bright side of life!

P.S. Happy (Very Late) Belated Birthday Stacy! Hope you had a great day!
P.P.S. I totally did not mean to slightly reference Monty Python. But since I did...

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  1. Oh you know I love this duo canvas creation, and really liked reading the post, and background to your thoughts on happy, bleak, good, bad, colourful, monochromatic matters. I guarantee Trinity has a few issues that make us all seem a little unwanted sometimes LOL, but she does like having you around, just when she needs space, we like to clear out a bit to avoid conflict ;) It's called being a teenager, moodiness, working out big picture ideas, peer pressure etc can sometimes effect people & it's easy to think it's you being rejected, but you, us, are constants that provide a stability that she can rely on and grounds her, and the fact you 2 are so opposite is good for both of you ;) BTW, love the Pythons ;)


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