11 Oct 2014

A Studio Ghibli Showcase

How is everyone going today?

I took Mitch and Owen to the cinemas today. They were playing a few Studio Ghibli movies and two documentaries. While Studio Ghibli is most renowned for Hayao Miyazaki films (like 'Princess Mononoke', 'Laputa Castle in the Sky', 'Spirited Away' etc) there are other movies. So on the agenda today was 'The Wind Rises' and 'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya'.

Both movies are around 2 hours each, but it wasn't a Lord of the Rings 3 hour movie or marathon, so that is always a plus.

I liked both of them, had to cover my eyes in 'The Wind Rises' a handful of times (look, I just do not like romance - of any kind), but I really did love the style of 'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya' even though it had a downer ending. It was very amusing close to the end of the movie when I looked over at Owen and asked if he was going to complain about the lack of gravity. He didn't because gravity started to work again, then... His face fell as me and Mitch laughed.

It was a good day, and I left feeling drained as well as a little bit upset. 1) That no matter what I can do, there will always be someone better. 2) Why can I never write a piece of music that I am happy with (this thought came about as I remembered just how extensive the movie composer's repertoire is).

Mum is not allowed to say anything about anything else - she knows a third reason, but she is only allowed to reply to the two on here

Still a wonderful day that I got to spend with friends, but I am a bit tired, and I should be doing work. I'm not going to, I'm just going to work on a side project for a little bit.

So what are your favourite Studio Ghibli movies? Have you seen them before? Do you have another favourite foreign film? Mine is 'Library Wars', but I'm completely bias with that.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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  1. I bet (and you know I like a punt) that everyone thinks someone does something better than them, no matter what it is, from cooking, drawing, their job, I think it may be what drives us to keep trying, keep honing our skills, I reckon it would be rare (and probably take someone with a massive ego) to think they were not only the most skilled at whatever they choose to do, but also that as good as they are, they couldn't improve their techniques, results, to get better at it, especially in the creative arena... Fact is I love that people are better, I learn off their work, and take inspiration from it :) I hear music you make and it charms me, I can't do it, I see your art and wish I was as dedicated, and I wish you realised how awesome you are at not just doing 'things' but at being a caring, empathetic, generous friend to those lucky enough to know you!
    Wooo, that was long, so I'm going to say... 'Library Wars' and 'Ponyo' was magic, although, I think all studio Ghibli's films are worth viewing ;)


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