1 Sep 2017

September 29 Faces - Electric Punk


How is everyone going?

I sorta/kinda/maybe called Mum today while I was going out to do some Fathers Day shopping and said "Do a face". Which she pretty much responded with "If you join and remind me."

So here I am.

You should go and check out everyone else in the challenge (which has spread to other posting websites as well).

Day 1
"Electric Punk"


Now, if you excuse me, I have a game to finish and I know some crap is about to go down in it because of 2 reasons;
1 - The next mission is attend a party
2 - One of the characters had a really creepy smile AND I'VE SEEN THAT SMILE IN THE COMPANYS OTHER SERIES AND THAT IS NOT A GOOD SMILE!!

So yeah.
I think a character got possessed or something. So I'm going to go and get the crap beaten out of me.
Then I'll beat him. And whatever possessed him.

Anyway, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Good to see you Memphis!! Very cool face! I like! Say hi to mom for me! Big Hugs!


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