12 Sep 2017

Day 10 - Power!


So last Sunday, I was watch Pop-Asia, playing my favourite game (Which is called "Fake or Real" and it's just me saying which hair colours are natural and which aren't, but has expanded to eye colour now), when the last music video for the day played.

It was upbeat, and cute, had Nerf guns and it made me laugh. Also I have kinda maybe sorta been listening to it (almost) non-stop.

Anyway, one of the singers (I don't know names, I would need to ask my friend Zodiac - she likes the group) pulls a particular face. I'm not sure why it is so familiar to me though... Like, is it reminding me of some other person I have seen (but can't remember) or something?

Or maybe I just like smug grins.

Anyway, here is the face for Day 10!

And for the sake of comparison... Here's the music video. Don't worry. You'll find the face I like.

Huh... There's a comic?


Well. Enjoy the music. And enjoy your day!

I gotta go see if I can find something.

EDIT/P.S. Chen. That's the dude's stage name.
Still need to find that comic.

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