4 Feb 2018

First Four Days of a new challenge


I'm joining the challenge again! Although I am a little bit late.

I helped with an opening for an exhibition in the Caboolture art gallery and went to see Night Vale with Dad yesterday. So kinda busy!

Anyway, here are the first of the faces!

Day 1

A Kid

Day 2
Self portrait - From a touring kids exhibition 'Me, Myselfie & I'.
Also using Angela Tiatia activity, and I can go on for a while about her (since I studied her work)
That counts right? Even if I'm missing a mouth and eyes. Look, I'm sorry, but the mirror made it so I couldn't see those features.

Day 3
'Hint of Tech'

Day 4

Taadaa! Four faces! See, perfectly on time!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Love them all! I am SO happy to see you participating! I don't know about the Tiatia activity, I will have to read about it, sounds interesting but I rather see your eyes :oD

  2. Love all these and especially the way you are trying so many different things... digital, paints, pencil, very inspired, woohoo, keep it up!


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