2 Mar 2014

The last of the faces!

Hi all,

So, first off - I finally finished the 29 faces challenge. The next one is visiting everyone else in the challenge. Sorry no long story (that no-one reads) today. We did have some people over, so I was looking after their child (who is exactly 18 years younger than me).

Anyway, faces! Sorry for the low quality of pictures.

This was a sketch done while I was on the train to Brisbane. This is Sue with her big brother Hugo (the one that has forgotten about her one Valentine's day and payed for it). He is a doting big brother though, and slightly over-protective, although Sue tends to bring out that trait in just about everyone.

Yep. No clue what I was thinking with this one... I was just draw a face and suddenly it looked like Medusa. So I added the arrows onto the end as homage to 'Soul Eater' Medusa. But you know - less evil.
Another picture done on the train. Wei is part elf, so this is a picture when he is channeling those powers. I didn't bother shading because I am so scared that I'll ruin the expression.

Saffron. I was practicing different poses - mostly to do with water. The experiment failed, but it was still a face so I was happy. There is a octopus/kraken tentacle wrapped around her leg - it was from the first scene I wrote about her.
Sal (from Babysitters) in her operation uniform. Originally she was meant to be wearing a hood, but it became a scarf for some reason - I assume it's to pull up and obscure her face. Or cause Faith to sneeze. Both ways work.
If my friends see this, they will laugh at me forever. Dad already does - He said "The Whinger, friend of the Ranter". Surprisingly his favourite character in the show is their friend, and I don't think this character whinges as much as Dad makes out.

What else can I say...? No hands, no great detail on the gear. I might go back and ink it, or wait until what I have done has faded in obscurity and never do anything like it again. Ever. I had no idea what to draw!! It was late, I was exhausted and I tried drawing one character, rubbed it out and thought 'Why is nothing is working!'

While I did get up and paint yesterday, Mum made a comment on a face that I did and so I have hidden that one. Having no clue what to do I channeled all my emotions into on final sketch. And what came out was a shy-cheeky smile.

Yep. Felix does have eyes (I have told Mum that several times but she didn't seem to believe me). I imagine that this is the face he has when he gets praised. He is actually very expressive, but because half of his face in normally covered, he seems distant.

I also learnt that for some reason I can't shade skin, it looks weird in pencil - So I guess I'll have to learn grey-toning techniques or something. Also, when I am hard pressed for time but still want to draw, I just sketch.

Days 22-29: Completed.

29 Faces Challenge for February 2014: Mission accomplished (a day late - Sorry about that).

The drawings were done, but I couldn't post. Dad brought up a hot glue gun yesterday and as soon as I saw it he said "For your gear". I just need the materials now.

Mwahahaha. Soon my precious. Soon.
Moving on...

Going back to University tomorrow, so yeah - That will be interesting! Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Such fabulous drawings and faces, I just love your style. Well done for completing all 29 as well.

  2. You are No 1, like your 29 Faces, completing them, doing the vids, while working, and still encouraging your slack mother to do the same... I have my cheer leading outfit on & pom poms in hand, LOVE your drawings, posts & commitment - YOU ROCK!

  3. You do action figures so very well. I love Saffron and her pose. All of your work shows attention to detail in the positioning of the images. Beautiful work.

  4. Congrats on finishing! I have to admit, your Medusa face and your shy-cheeky smile face, are my two favorite ;o) Have fun at university ;o) Hugs ;o)


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