2 Jul 2013

Catching up on everything on the internet

 I seriously need someone on my shoulder to manage my timetable (for reasons I will not get into as I have spent the last 2 weeks getting over the situation).

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Hello everyone! How are you all going? Happy Canada Day to all Canadians!

My first semester of University has ended and the next will begin sometime soon. Here is a list of things I learnt;
1) When taking a Creative Writing course, they really don't mean write creatively. They really mean "We want you to write about the nitty-gritty reality and make it feel real". I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, but I don't have a great grip on reality. Or rather I do have a good grip, then like a bored child I throw it out and create a much more interesting one.
Like one with an mute assassin who can and will slice you up eight different ways for threatening his friend (not his lover despite what everyone claims would make a 'better' story). Also 'nitty-gritty' reality is just another way to say 'write a story about drug addicts, whores, and lowlifes'. So... Never. Ever. Again. 

2) Someone needs to make sure that the people at the Student Services actually know directions (or at least point to the place on a map)
Actually, those misdirections led me to met some new friends. Funny how life plays out huh?

3) I'm actually pretty decent at writing University essays! But I should still try to increase my word count so that I'm not relying on the '±10%'.

4) Never again will I roll my eyes at a Vocaloid song (unless it's one of those creepy ones. To which I must delete my browsing history). I realised that I have a problem when in the space of 24 hours, my playlist jumped from 1 to 43.

So... I've done a few different things this semester.
I went on a volunteer dig site at Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane to recover gravestones used as fill. I had to walk to the cemetery because there were no buses. But it was great fun! Oh! No human remains were disturbed during the dig.

This was the dig site.

This guy/gravestone took 6 people and 2 hours to uncover and flip

This was the first that I found, so of course I took a photo for the memory!

The hole

I also regularly visit the Museum on South Bank to look around and draw some artifacts for practice.

The bird has been cut off because it is a horrible drawing. The drum looks good though!
And something I went to... A pop-up exhibition on the Roman festival of Lemeria: A festival of death. It was really cool and my Rise of Ancient Greece tutor gave a talk about the tradition. I didn't take any pictures of the event (because I didn't know if I was allowed to), but a woman that I met there was part of something called The Good Guide and was there to write about the event. So here's a link to that article. Among the pictures, you might notice something with Mum's distinct touch. I had to take off my mask when I was out in public because I gave some poor person a (near) heart-attack. I also gave an elderly man a scare at the event when I exited the display room (which had little lighting to heighten the mood) so it looked like skull just emerged from the shadows. The two men he was with laughed their heads off once they heard me talk (first thing out of my mouth was "I'm so sorry! Are you alright?"). The man himself laughed and said he liked the teeth after he got over the shock.

A fun activity from the event was this set up and you get your photo taken!

And to show that I haven't been completely lazy with my drawing (after the whole Creative Writing fiasco, I haven't written anything for over a month now), here's some art!

This was to practice drawing the Oracle characters and their friendship groups. This group is 'Ash and her boys' - including the cat who is a shape-shifter. I just didn't know where to put him so I plopped him in cat form on top of his brother.

Moselle got redone, although the hair is similar to her original, it's shorter and neater. She also started sporting some new clothes.

This was the result of a Creative Writing lecture which was a guest speaker talking about his writing process. So... Everyone, met Coal (or Sekitan because you can't have an assassin named Coal). There's a really good picture of him in another book, but I need to find it.

Does anyone remember Sal and Faith? I was testing drawing the same sized clothes on different bodies but screwed up on the vest. Not sure if my writing is legible but it says 'Different sized clothes (demo with Sal's)' and down the bottom 'Same shoe size'. It made Mum laugh.

And this is the last thing. A 'short' comic I'm working on which has been forming at the back of my mind, but then when I listened to a Vocaloid (see, it was totally relevant) song I decided to start working out what I wanted to do.
Anyway, this is a long post so I'll let you go now (that's if you managed to stick around). I've been trying to get Mum to do some art for the mast few weeks but she just doesn't have the time right now. Maybe in the future.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. Yes. I draw one eye in when I draw people. Because most of my drawings are sketches/drafts I only draw in one eye to get a rough idea. If it's a complicated drawing then I draw both of them.


  1. Hey Memphis ;o) Great to hear from you girl ;o) I had a great Canada Day, thank you ;o) That volunteer dig site of the Cemetery is very cool! I would love to be involved with something like that! Finding lost history!!! Happy you have some new friends ;o) Give big hugs to everyone for me ;o) Take Care ;o)

  2. You KNOW I wrote a flabby doo comment here and for some reason all my IPod blog comments did not appear, leaving me looking like I hadn't even been thrilled to peices reading of all your adventures, seeing your new art and checking out your insights into what you find interesting enough to share... Always so chocca full of great entertainment to read AND see... Very Cool!!!!


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