26 Jul 2012


Hello everyone!

Let me tell you a little story...

When my birthday was coming up, I kept getting asked if I wanted a party (apparently it's a big deal to turn a certain age), but me being me I didn't want one. So on a trip to the library, I saw a flyer which had the words 'Cirque De Soleil in Brisbane July 14th - August 19th' printed on it. I arrived back home (with a bag full of books), waved the flyer around in my spare hand and proclaimed...
"I want to do this!"
And the rest was history. Honestly, I can't tell anyone how long I've wanted to see a performance by the troupe. Besides, if the world is going to end this year, then I at least want that crossed off my list! So Mum, Dad, Trin, my friends Mitch, Owen, Briarna and I drove down to Brisbane (well, Owen didn't since he was already there) and saw the performance 'OVO'. It was amazing! The acts were fantastic, and I loved the music too! Although at one point I was worried about Mum since anything related to heights she starts to get queasy and I was afraid she might vomit over the woman in front. But she went well. We didn't arrive back home until half past midnight.

From left to right: Me, Briarna, Mitch, Owen and Trin
On the cardboard in the back: The Foreigner, the Ladybug and Master Flipo

And now we arrive to today. Trin was still recovering and Dad was foolish enough to ignore the warning she glu-tacked to her door saying 'Let me sleep' (even though it's a school day). However she won the battle and is at home for the day 'recovering'. As for me, I'll be drawing and writing (maybe playing a game or two) since it seems I have the day off work.

So have a wonderful day everyone and if you ever get the chance to see any Cirque De Soleil performance, take the opportunity! 

24 Jul 2012

Late Black Friday

Hi guys! How's everyone been? It's been a while hasn't it?
Baby's born on Black Friday are lucky for the rest of their life, or so the superstition says. 13 was a bad enough number already. I feel bad for it, it's like the number 4 which I also feel bad for... So last week we got news that friends had a child on the lucky (or unlucky) day, and everyone in our house was thrilled for the new arrival.
By coincidence, the 13th of July is also the day that Patrick Stewart and Harrison Ford are born, but I don't know if they're on a Black Friday or not. I could look it up, but I'm pretty lazy today and I can't be bothered to go fishing for info.

And to show that I have been doing something, here's a picture for everyone!

Ah, the werewolf and the vampire. Or as Mum said, the 'Hubba hubbas'!
She did the hands.
I also have a Black Friday comic, but I need to neaten it up before I post it! Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!