23 May 2012

Seven day run down!

First off; Opps. I can't believe how many people are on the 29 Faces May list (over 130!). So I've decided that once all 29 faces are done for everyone, I'll start to work my way through. I hope no one takes offence to that. Anyway, I'm behind by seven days, and I've realised that majority of the faces for May have been girls, well, 10 out of 16 anyway. And also many faces have the orange highlight, meaning that they come from Oracle. That's not changing. The next seven faces will all be from Oracle, since from today I have finished drawing, colouring, fixing heights, writing up the personalities and background of each character. Now I just need to find that places for them to go to. Oh! Sorry, got off track there! Anyway, here are the faces! Five boys and one girl!

Day 17: Bernardo. An Italian cutie that can't talk to girls, except for ones he is related to.  He is a descendant of Fauns, however he doesn't want to transform. Because his pants disappear... Although the bottom half turns into two goat legs and covered in hair, he feels like he needs pants on. And after the first transformation, he starts to bring a second pair with him.

Day 18: Ethan, from America, but is the descendant of Gorgon. Probably Medusa because his hair turns to snakes and the sight petrifies people. However Ethan is really friendly, and not at all scary. Well, when his hair isn't snakes anyway.

Day 19: Ptah. He is from Egypt and the eldest of the Cat Brothers. Guess I could have drawn him as a cat, but I'll need more practice before I attempt that. Like his eyes?

Day 20: Shin is superstitious, explaining his 12A shirt. He also avoids the boy below when he is in his cat form. And the blue hair is natural 

Day 21: Tau, the little brother of Ptah. He has a rather sweet face doesn't he? He is also blind in his left eye, and the reason Shin avoids him when he is cat form, is because he is a black cat.

Day 22: Ercole is a merman. But he loves sports. He doesn't like watching them, he just like playing them and creates one that only the Oracle kids can play.

Day 23: Diane. She is from France, she actually has  really curly hair, but straightens it regularly. She also has contacts, but since they annoy her, she sticks with the glasses.

Days 17-23: Mission accomplished! Oh! I also found the 29th face for February, so watch out for that. Alright, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Woo sweetie you are so ahead of me... but ya know I'm working on catching up ;) Love all esp Bernado's hair, Ptah's skin & hair colour combo & Diane's glasses rock!!!! Great work Memphis all the faces are superb :)

  2. Good for you Memphis!!! Love all the faces! I really like Diane! She is cool ;o) I like Ptah's eyes too ;o)


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