4 May 2012

Day 3: U-C?

Everyone!! My account was hacked and the perpetrators made off with my background! Just kidding. But seriously, there is a malware issue with the 'Shabby' backgrounds, so be sure to be careful, and if you have the issue here's my advice: "Delete everything related to it." That's how me and Owen fixed my laptop (after I told him that was he was deleting was the mouse control).
Here's the message that comes up:

Anyway... Taadaa! Trinity drew out the name for the face yesterday, and she picked out Urbi-Chione! Get it? U-C. Her verbal tic is that when she's explaining, she'll end the explanation with "You see?"
Here is her picture. Done on Photoshop again, but awesomely done (I think anyway).

U-C is from Egypt and her necklace is made of glass, and has Nile water in it so she doesn't get homesick (so much. She still does). The coins on her head are for good luck and part of her collection.

Day 3: Completed!! Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Had the same problem this morning Memphis... someone emailed to let me know... it has been deleted :)
    Love her... and yes... absolutely... awesomely done...

    Jenny x

  2. Hey Memphis, I got that same message!!! Thanks for letting us know ;o) U-C is one cool girl! Love her! Her pendant filled with the water from the Nile is excellent! I really love her Memphis!!

  3. I think I need one of those necklaces :o)
    Very pretty illustration


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