1 May 2012

Let the second round begin!!

AlayaArt has done another 29 faces challenge for the month of May, and I decided to join in on it! So everyone is on the same page, here is an idea of what must be done.
A face.
Now to explain...
This means trying to draw/paint/sculpt/etc a face everyday day for 29 days! First done on the February of 2012, May is the second round for everyone to join in with their artwork! 
And I think that just about covers that! Now for the first face for the 29 faces ~ May style!!

Would you believe it if I told you I drew that hand? No? Well I did! I'm so proud of it. Oh, and the rest of the picture is pretty good too. I did it on the computer! I'm getting better at Photoshop ^.^

His name is Nicholas, he is French and the child of a model and fashion designer. I get the feeling that he dyes his hair though... I have no way to prove it, but I'm sure he does. Mum drew him out of the hat, Dad has drawn out tomorrow's.
Day 1 ~ Round 2: Completed! To all of Sunshineshelle's fans that accidentally visit here, I'll make sure she joins in to! So keep your eye out for her. Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. You're off to a great start. :) Lol! Are you gonna bribe her or extort her? :))

  2. He is very cool looking! You did a great job on the hand! Tell your mom to hurry up ;o) LOL!

  3. I think she's going to shame me into it LOL - OK, the challenge is ON!!!

  4. Gorgeous! Well done and can't see the second face

  5. Very nicely done!!! Love the hand ...they are so hard to do :(

  6. He is fabulous and your hand is AMAZING! Bravo!

  7. The hand was the first thing I noticed!!! hehehe awesome!


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