9 Feb 2012

Day 8: A Simple Sketch

Ok, so my 'lovely' sister won't download the photos until tomorrow, so for Day 8, I did do another manga picture. I did a quick draw out of the hat, and pulled out Kun. I love drawing her, I don't think I do it enough. She always seems to look more elegant than the other girls I draw.

It's a simple drawing, but it suits her (at least I think so)
Day 8: Done! Now let's hope Trin remembers to download the photos (and give them to me) so I can do something different for tomorrows face! Ok, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Your doing a fantastic job with this challenge :D Some days it is nice to just keep it simple :D XXX

  2. I love how you made the outfit and the cute little face

  3. Memphis, she looks very sweet and shy! I like her a lot! Have a great day! ;o)

  4. She is incredibly sweet Memphis...

    Jenny x

  5. Loving Kun & the fact you are so dedicated to get your postings up daily & on time, I really find her elegant & sweet, she looks like she would be kind & gentle too :) Oh & cute outfit!!!

  6. You can tell you have enjoy drawing her. I love the pose; its realistic and natural. She looks like she has just been complimented on something.


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