15 Feb 2012

Day 14: Valentines?

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines Day!! I don't pay much attention to romance (in any form) and very often I get weirded out by people displaying affection in public. And on TV too. The affection doesn't even need to be in real life! I skip anything in books that looks like romance or anything related to it (So there went most of the Hunger Games series, because the author didn't write enough fighting scenes and apparently, everyone likes romance) and clamp my eyes shut when something happens on TV that even looks like someone is too close to someone else! ... I'm off track slightly, sorry about that. Anyway, Dad did draw out the name for today's face, but I haven't been bothered to colour her in (What? It's late here, and I want to go play a game). So instead, I did a quick little sketch of a Valentine-like thing. What? Are you all giving me another look? Look, I don't like medium-to-heavy romance, but light ones I can handle perfectly fine. I'm off track again, sorry. Here's a picture to make up for it!

I'll tell you what he does. He doesn't give her the gift, instead he tells his best friend's sister to give it to her (and not say it's from him)
Day 14: Completed (Ok, well not the original drawing for Day 14, but there's one in its place instead). Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. Memphis you are so cute! And, this drawing is very sweet! Happy Valentine's Day ;o)

  2. Awwww too sweet Memphis...

    Jenny x

  3. Memphis I 'heart' this... & I laughed aloud when I read the post OMG you can't even watch kissing on the Simpsons & I saw you close your eyes last night when Lenard & Penny kissed on 'Big Bang' ;) I this this is so sweet - ahh young love :)

  4. Ah...true love, to give anonymously not asking for anything in return. You have serendipitously answered a question of mine lately concerning affection and the meanings we humans attach to things ( like Valentines day) You are a wise old soul little one!!! Deb


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