20 Nov 2011

School Books and the pictures in them: Part 1

You know what I loved about school the most? Decorating my books. It took me a while to find the perfect way to place the clear covering over my books without an air bubble appearing in it, but I took over Mum's job after I got a handle over it! Unlike the others in my grade, I decorated my books for two reasons
1) I couldn't bring a manga in every day and if the lesson was going to be boring I wanted something nice to look at
2) There was no way that people were going to take my books because they were easily identifiable as mine and for them to be seen with a book covered like that would be beyond embarrassing for them

And how were they easily identifiable? By decorating them with something that I like, which is anime and manga. And thus, no one would touch my stuff, expect my friends, Owen would read the comics, Mitch'o would look for familiar characters (and pay me out about what was on the back of my Maths B book) and one of the girls would rate the guys on a scale from 1-10 (she never rated below an eight though and gave one picture a 20 once).

I'll replace these pictures of the books for better ones as soon as I can (and remember to)
Ok, Chemistry!
This is my Chemistry book. It has a Naruto college (made by Mum), a picture from Soul Eater and an awesome picture of Axel from Kingdom Hearts II (which sadly can't be well seen)

Ignoring the shadow, this is an unfinished picture of Nicholas, Shin and Ptah. They are trying to not inhale Butanoic Acid. Trust me, our chemistry room still stunk of it a month later.

One lesson, I had this neat idea of Ashley rigging her outfit of anything that might help when she is desperate. I thought of triggering a shuriken to come out of an arm-guard. But not knowing when she'd need it, decided to draw her when she is first testing it out... On Ryou as it seemed.

Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater and Reno kicking butt (Final Fantasy Advent Children). The point of my Physics book was that it was covered in things that defied physics

This is the initials that I use with a symbol that my friend drew for my (Which you see in a earlier post). I used this design for my Year 12 leavers gift
3 pages into the Physics book, and you'll find this little drawing on the bottom of the page. Ashley, Ryou, Zakhar and Zinouy are the Physics students of the Oracle group, but surprisingly, their clan and abilities defy physics too.

These are epic hands that I drew. Very proud of them

The drawing isn't finished, but it was a prank gone wrong for the most part. Testing gravity with a bucket of water and a sleeping teenager isn't the best idea
 The English response book that we never really wrote in
Baccano! and Neon Genesis Evangelion. When I was little I used to watch Evangelion, so when the new movie came out, I was very excited and insisted that we get to Supanova on time so that we couldn't miss it

First page in and you come across a napping Tau. Yes, he has cat ears. He is a Neko, and often forgets to turn back completely human after being a cat.

While studying MacBeth, I was ahead of the class. I was determined to get good marks for it because it is Mum's favourite Shakespeare play. So, the rest of my class struggled, tried to copy my answers, instead only to find me drawing this. Ryou and Ashley studying, well... I'm sure Ryou is, I'm not quite sure if Ash is writing down notes or drawing

This was an attempt to draw a kick without any thing to go off (besides memory). It sorta sucks, but it's probably one of the better ones (sadly).

 Ok, that's it for now. Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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  1. Oh goodness Memphis how did I miss this wonderful post, I pasted pictures of greyhounds & racehorses (& an occasional jockey) over my school books, & no one else dared touch them, they were too bizarre to even be classed as 'nerd' LOL! Love the hand too, & the spontaneity of those wonderful developing characters :)


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