30 Oct 2011

Just to show you how chaotic my mind can sometimes get...

Ok, I needed a break from doing my assignments, and besides the inking of a drawing that I'm about to do (I swear I'm about to do it!), I sorta decided to showcase most of my stories. Well... At least the basic outline. I know that I have this warning on the side of this page, but since I'm doing this, I might has well be protective (and sorry to all those who feel insulted while reading this warning);

All characters, worlds & stories that appear in this blog are my own original work, so all copyright, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. I am thrilled if you like these worlds, but please don't reproduce my creations without my permission. Thanks for understanding

Ok, good. Now that that's out of the way, we can move on... The worlds that I have in my mind:

A similar reality in that technology is more or less (more like the more) up to where we are
There are 33 major-major characters in the first story (There are so many people in this world that I ended up sorting them into groups of focus: Major-major, major-minor, minor-major, minor-minor, and everyone else). The 33 are expanded on again each passing year.
In this world, the ancient myths are actually true (or at least the beings behind them)
The direct descendants of these beings inherit some pretty wicked powers/skills
Oracle is the name of the game that is popular worldwide
This world is so HUGE and my major focus, since I want to do a manga of it

Holmes and Drew Factor
Set in a high school in this world (nothing supernatural about it)
4 major characters (smallest lot so far… And one of the earlier ones)
High school detectives, hence Holmes and Drew (Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew respectively)

Futuristic – Science fiction
The landmasses have been fused together and there is a political struggle for power spanning for over 50 years prior to the start of the story
There are refugee towns that are filled with people not wanting to get involved with the struggle. The choices are sea, cave, underground, jungle and volcano towns
8 main characters, but one features predominantly
S-Units are underwater vessels used for many different tasks. There are seven in total

The Nightmare Story
Futuristic - Science fiction
Alien invasion
People under the age of 18 (I think) were exposed to a gas when it was released into the atmosphere that was released before they were born. These ‘kids’ were the food for the aliens because they could be tracked down (hunted)
Story told (in a journal/free thought form) from the view point of an ‘infected’ private (In the military)
There are several major characters, but each having a varying degree of majority

The Dream Story (well they all are, but this is the title I gave to one)
Set in a reality with the same technology, but with supernatural capabilities
There are only two major-major characters, but there are many others that appear from time to time
Focuses around an out of date book filled with mythical monsters and beings, and it is the job of the two major characters to fix any details in it

The really confusing one that has every single other story in it
Set in a world where travelling to the different stars/worlds are possible
A form of darkness is taking over and destroying the worlds one by one in order to open the door to the dark realm (Don't ask. I think the mastermind is an idiot)
Story focuses on a ‘foreigner’ and the people that she meets throughout her journey to stop the darkness (a quest she was rather reluctant to agree to)
………………… I’d try to count the characters that pop up… But think of it as every single one of the characters on these pages, plus a possible 6-10 more

Way alternate reality in which both magic and science co-exist (Think Final Fantasy)
There is a massive war going on, I have yet to discover over what
Told from the viewpoint of the Keeper of Memories, who wiped his own for some reason or other (yet another thing I’ll need to find out)
There are 6 characters that I have seen or met (2 of which won’t tell me a thing about them, so I asked their boss. Those suckers don’t know what they’ve got coming to them now!)

Ghost Walkers
This was the first one I had set in a different reality, and the person telling the story states it too (and it isn’t me telling the story! Well it is, but I heard it from someone else, so… Yeah)
Walkers are people who have a ghost fixed with them from the moment they are born. Their life-job is to get the ghost back their body
The ghosts are people who have died an unfair death, or early, or have worked their butt off in the afterlife to get a second chance. Many of the ghosts are good, but occasionally a bad one sneaks through
Story focuses around the Walker Laura and her ghost Gale
It’s gets pretty confusing at some point (Have yet to pin it down exactly) but there is a psycho ghost walking around

Set in a world with a mixture of modern technology, but most old fashioned in many life-style aspects (Not attitude… Well, some characters are, but many are ‘new-age’ thinkers. Or too scared to say anything)
I’ve got a fair idea of what is going on in the story, but I have yet to exactly pin-point it on one line to summarise it. However, since the characters are already there, I just gave them a world to run around in
Nine characters, excluding sensei (teachers), leaders of villages, animals, enemies, students and anyone outside the village. There are however, around 33 that have had their existence confirmed (Including everyone that was previously excluded)

Territory Battle
This world is defiantly an alternate reality; there is better technology, but not really traditional sci-fi material.
Think of it like a huge gang war, between like… 5 gangs, and one secret one, but sshhhh…
There are strict rules in place to prevent deaths, and there are a lot of areas called neutral territory, in which if there is a fight, verbal or physical, the punishment is severe (not death though)
Even in the clash zones there are many rules that have to be followed, or else
The secret group (from what I can gather) are so secret, that members of it are announced as dead or missing
There are a group of friends that have been split up by the territory ‘war’, and two of them are trying to fix the relationships from ‘beat-up-everyone-not-in-our-group’ to ‘can’t-stand-them-but-will-not-fight-with’. I think that the two know it is hard to aim for much better than that

Communications World (This is only a temporary name until I figure out a better one than what I already have, which is Azure)
This world is one where it is possible to communicate with the other worlds
I know this because Azure (one of the people from this world) knows some of the older versions of those in Oracle
Outside of that… I have no idea of the purpose that this world serves… I guess that I keep it with me though because MOST of the characters in this story are much easier to talk to (and don’t get mad at me for some of the things that I create about them)

Ok, I think that's it for now. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. So exciting to have so many ideas, all deserve some time, so maybe work on one or two & develop & add notes to the others, they can evolve at their own pace but would be great to pick a favourite & develop one to completion... mmm... after exams ;)

  2. Yes Mum. Of course. After exams... Hehe. ^.^' My favourite is Oracle, although I do like them all very much. I just decided that that's the one I want people to know about I guess...

  3. Just thinking... Go with the favourite or the one you feel you can get stuck into at the moment, they all have such immense possibilities but it can be overwhelming to do too much at the same time, do them in 'bite' size pieces & next minute you'll be finished one & moving onto the next course :)


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